A request to change in title for threads


Youth Team
Hi Mods/frens/editors,
i request/suggest every threads to be named properly as it will help us to search better. Eg. i was searching for mini faces but there are so many threads with xyz names that i had to check out every thread

If we can have something like:

[CM12] main faces- followed by editor
[TextEditor] main faces - followed by editor
or [Mini Faces] - followed by editor

I am sure it will be of great help to every one. esp like me



Youth Team
Mods/ friends.. if we cant edit the existing ones can we atleast have it from the new ones created?



i told everyone to do this to begin w/.

but when you deal w/ children its in one ear & out the other.


Youth Team
Fifa is rated 3+ No harm in that.
We can still do it, if you mods help us out. "with great power comes great responsibilities" - to mods


Youth Team
to OP, you should have titled the thread "[REQ] change in title for threads" just kidding.

that would be awesome. As the Fifa 12 editing forum is practically the only one I'm reading, I don't know how are the other sections organized but the editing forum is a great big mess. I think the posters are not aware of the mess they're doing when they post lazy or wrong-thread posts.

I'm not saying regularcat is not doing his job or anything like that, he's practically alone in this and it's not his primary job to "organize" the forum, it's to moderate.

just some statistics:
3 threads about creation center
3 threads asking for a rx3 to cff converter plus the Official 3d editor topic
that's just lazy, I saw some forums that when you are writing the title automatically performs a quick search for the terms you are writing. That would minimize the "too lazy; didn't search" problem.

I'd love to see people using [REQ][TUT][Faces][Minifaces][texture][Balls][adboards][shoes][gloves][HELP] but as i see it there are 2 or 3 ways to do it:
1. ENFORCE IT, no way, because probably next year the user will forget it. And if the mod has to change it, less likely.
2. PEER GUILT. "hey, look at us, we are doing it, why you are not doing it?" Most probably they'll beat us in number.
3. I could'n think of anything else right now, I'll edit later.

I'd also love to see more OP's doing indexes in their 1st and 2nd posts.
Using thumbnails, 3 1920x1080 screenshots and/or 5 1024x1024 textures at full resolution can make a thread a pain to read, even some 512x512... and then someone QUOTES IT!

some questions:
1. what's the worst that could happen if you give the users the ability to change the thread name?
2. more "[this question is off topic/he said no requests/use the freaking search] [next time is a ban/delete post/close thread] will change any of this?

I'm sorry I got carried away, I know I'm being to harsh or idealistic but I needed to say it. I know probably everybody said too long didn't read but meh... i had to. and this is just the beginning. I better go to sleep now.



Youth Team
i tried to edit my Title just after posting but we do not have the option to edit title after posting, i am sorry for that.


Youth Team
Hi Regularcat, can you please edit my thread title and put "[REQ]" as prefix.
Thanks in advance.