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AC Milan Thread [2013/14]


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I don't get it, so he begged another team to sign him? Or is it that he said (note that he said it, I'd like to see if it was actually true) that he is willing to wait for his pay until he actually plays? Because lots of players get signed on pay-as-you-play basis, it's hardly surprising that Kaka would be or that he would volunteer to it. He could even wind up earning a lot more this way.


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I think he meant he'll accept his first payment only when he starts playing.

The story isn't at all impressive until we see if it actually happens. As of now he's an injured guy getting paid millions.


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I stopped watching Milan - Celtic because I didn't think anything wiuld happened after the 60th minute. Boy was I wrong :(




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Well, he's the manager in charge for 4 years, he's responsible for that squad and transfers.


Manager role doesn't exist in Italy, he has nothing to do on Thiago Silva or Ibrahimovic departures and cheap crappy replacements. Not even Balotelli was demanded by him, it was a Berlusconi's old whim.


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Arnau;3573459 said:
¿? Milan squad is rubbish, Allegri is doing a great job at the club.

Allegri is doing a bad job. He has no identity, first xi or tactic or formation, it's different every game