Add a new kit (third kits for example)


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Hi all, I tried to add a new record on the teamkits table to add a third kit for Portsmouth, when in game there is a third kit now but it's the default one cause I can't find a way to add a texture for that kit. In Fifa Editor Tool there isn't a folder for the third kit and it seems I am not allowed to create one. Any ideas?
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I have checked Portsmouth kit in FIFA Editor and there are only home/away folders. Here is YT video that shows you entire process of adding third kit and yes it still works for FIFA21



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Sprawdziłem strój Portsmouth w edytorze FIFA i są tam tylko foldery home/away. Oto wideo YT, które pokazuje cały proces dodawania trzeciego stroju i tak, nadal działa w FIFA21

F.The video is not available anymore :( do you know any other?