Alex's Boot Edits


Youth Team
Ok I havent made any boot edits in along time but ive finished college and have lots of time on my hand agen so thought i would id try again at a few colour edits. Ive made the England +F-50.6 tunit using lee's crotia tunit as a base. let me no wat u think :) My old edits can be found throughout the old thread


England +F-50.6 tunit



Here is my next attempt at the tunit series using the same base as before. There are a few corrections needed but i couldnt be bothered so thought id post it now.

+F-50.6 Tunit Climacool​

The PNG​



Reserve Team
Quality edited stuff, Alex. I'd love to have them all in the game and as soon as a bootserver will be available, they'll be right in... ;)

Keep it up!


Youth Team
Ok i have had an attempt at making a tunit completly from scracth this time so no base, let me know what you think because i never usually make boots from scratch so its kinda new for me.

France worldcup upper

Version 2 - i thought it needed to be darker to be more realistic



Youth Team
they look very good!!
but I ******* hate the model that konami made for the shoes

ye i think they look too much like cartoony style i prefer this style thats why ive started makin my own boots in this style.

adding to my collection of tunits made from scratch here are previews of the blue and black tunits.



Youth Team
Here are some random fantasy tunit boots i made, they didnt look the way i had hoped when making them so dont look too great but i was bored so here you go:

Fantasy +F-50.6 Tunit



Youth Team
Ok back to real tunits here is the new red and black climawarm tunit which will be worn next season by a few players.

+F-50.6 Navy + Red Climawarm