Any kits being made from this game?


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SlowHand said:
wich template did you use for kitR?

Well I just export one out of the game with kit raptor and then Edit the 06 kit template to WC06 template and imported back to the game with Kit raptor. If you are going to import a kit that didn't exist in 06 you just have to modiy the ini file from raptor that's located in Data folder.

Since the kit in the game are 512X512 you got to resize it to 150% or 768X768 so the kit will be a 2GK size and quality.


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Keegan said:
Look - extract three kit files from Fifa 06, open them with fshtool. Replace the images in the folder created by fshtool with your new kits for WC06, recompile the fsh file by double-clicking the index.fsh file. Then RENAME the Fifa 06 fsh files to replace the original WC06 files, and rebuild. Hope that helps.

Hi everybody, finally I´ve got my account activated!!!!! :ewan: :lui:

I´m trying to import kits to my WC06, and I´ve done everything Keegan said but, when I try to check the imported kit in the EAGraph.... "Invalid pixel format something" shows up.

What am I doing wrong?




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Use FshEd005 to import BMP to FSH files !

SlowHand;2052998 said:
ok, I did...with File Master 2006..EA on index.fsh...import FSH to the game with File Master...hash the file...fatbhbuilder. And now....... game CRUSHED when play :(
Fernandito;2062209 said:
I'm trying to import kits to WC06...EAGraph.... "Invalid pixel format something" shows up. What am I doing wrong?
Problem: there is an Alpha layer in Channels (what could see by Adobe PTS), you must have this layer for your BMP file !
Let's use FshEd005 for exporting original BMP of kits in FSH. Then, you can clone its alpha-layer, very easy by Drag-n-Drop layer from original-BMP to new-BMP (at window/Channels, Adobe PTS).
End, click "Save as..." to BMP file. Import to FSH again with FshEd005. Import FSH files to zdata_xx.big by BigGUI (don't forget "reBuild" button).
Finish with fatbhbuilder and FatGUI.