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Aranaktu Mods


Youth Team
@Aranaktu is this mod included in any other mods like realism mods? I am asking this because i dont want do add it twice and have conflicts in mod manager..


Club Supporter
It worked for me, but now when I try to edit the female players, the game crashes

"Note works fine for me when editing male players"


Club Supporter
Hi @Aranaktu

I'm new to the forum. I currently run the realism mod by Paul as well as your Extended Player and Manager Editor.
I am playing a player career and got frustrated because the AI manager put me as a right winger even tough I am a striker only. On the team are several other attackers which are left wingers.
My goal was to change one or two of them to right wingers to get placed as central striker.

Unfortunately the position change of the other player does not stick.
I tried to add traits too - these work btw.

Any toughts?

And another question to an experienced modder like you: would it be possible to just activate the "team management" ui element in player career? then I could just change the team setup and override any decision the AI made.

Michel Ferrao

Club Supporter
In the Players Table each player has modifier value of= 1 or 0.
Live editor also provides a user lua script to set this value to 0 for all players.

Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the modifier value?