ATTRIBDB reading & editing


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I've seen a bunch of FIFA mods mention that they include ATTRIBDB changes, but I haven't seen anyone mention which program/editor can read and modify them. Do such programs exist, for any version of FIFA?

I've been working on modding NBA JAM: On Fire Edition for PS3 for 4.5 years, and the most important file that I haven't figured out how to edit is "attribdb_big.ast". I can see the texture names in the file, but haven't built the file into tables - let alone decoded the data. I'm pretty lost right now and I'm just looking for an example of what seems to have been done before.

If you're curious to see the files I have, they're accessible here:

And if you're interested in a sizable bounty for this file, I posted one at Zenhax a few years ago: