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Back in Time [FIFA 16 to FIFA 09]


Youth Team
I'm interesting in helping on this patch. Let me know, or we should make some list, in order to make thins faster :)
Hey @mita996 thanks for reaching out. I really want to make this patch happen, I will make a list of the things that still have to be done. I'm working on making the patch as detailed as possible, reworking the PS3 kits to fit the new models, making new kits from scratch, og minikits, converting faces from old titles and much more...


Youth Team
Screenshot 2021-08-26 142434.png


Youth Team
Beckham in his signature Predator ClimaCool, ...so stylish

Only thing missing in FIFA16 is his freeckick animation :(

I hope someone is able to add it from previous FIFAs
Screenshot 2021-08-26 175644.png


Youth Team
I am determined to make this patch happen. But I will need help.

I am able to do the work of editing old kits into FIFA 16 format.

What I do need help with is editing the squads db, so far with Fifa 09 ratings.
So far only Seria A is truly complete. I tried converting the DB but its either impossible or I don’t have the necessary skills to be able to make it work. Ideally, all leagues should be converted for best experience.

If someone is interested in taking part in this patch I can provide the DB files I have right now.