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Kakashka;3989631 said:
ballinham,Bernardo Silva will be in the next pack?
Nope, but he's probably going to be in the pack after, so don't worry ;)

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Here we go with another pack!
For the first time in this pack, I've edited the skintones of some players to match the faces, as I was suggested almost a year ago by poet11.


-Diego Laxalt (Genoa FC and NT Uruguay)

-Erik Durm (Borussia Dortmund)

-Giovanni Simeone (Genoa FC)

-John Stones (Manchester City and NT England, converted from PES 2017 by Amir.Hsn7)

-José María Giménez (Atletico Madrid and NT Uruguay, converted from PES 2017 by Amir.Hsn7, right hand tattoo by me, face by ajnapivo89)

-Leroy Sané (Manchester City and NT Germany, converted from PES 2017 by Amir.Hsn7)

-Sardar Azmoun (FC Rostov and NT Iran, helped by Amir.Hsn7)

-Yann M'Vila (Rubin Kazan', old tattoos by everest-9, tweaked skintone, face by aNuk3)



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ballinham,рlease tattoo on foot Ederson Moraes$2015_10_02_20_19_00_1017420.jpg$2015_10_02_20_19_00_1017419.jpg