Balls for 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 Season

Discussion in 'FIFA 08 Editing Forum' started by radu1984, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Good evening to you all , i want to ask you if someone has all the balls (new ones) for the 17/18 or 18/19 season ? And if you have them maybe if you have time and if you want ofcourse to upload them and post the links here please ! And also how to ad them to FIFA 08 using FIFA MASTER 08 tools pack , or ( another ideea ) how to convert them from other games like FIFA 10 , or other updated FIFA game , with 17/18 or 18/19 season updates and import them into FIFA 08 . Thank you so much , take care and have a great evening ! :) :33vff3o:

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