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I found a solution....

everyone needs to update the game with latest update 4

So the mod will load normally (cracked or not the game)

Frosty WONT work with outdated game
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Say me what you have?Orginal game with update or what?Must I have Update or no.
you need to have the original game for now, simple because no one posted yet the update 1.04 for cracked versions, so the mod can't be applied


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I bought for R$10 a FIFA 18 with updates and applied the mod.

But the Flamengo uniform are wrong. Check this out. It's a mix of Flamengo and Roma hahaha



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hello Benqbiggis,

Modify your mod a bit, adding some improvements:
- corrected textures of new equipment coeff files, normal and duplicate shields (brazil China and Chile)
- corrected number and color orientation
- corrected colors on radar
- local Corinthians minikit
- flamengo visitor kit
- modified some ini files to be more realistic career mode
-Minifaces new to America de Cali
This is if you give your approval to publish since all this is based on your mod. Thank you