Black Screen II


Senior Squad
Like Andreas I've also been having problems withh a black screen but mine's a bit different.

My computer has suddenly decided that, after all the Bios screens and such like but before Windows starts to load up, it's going to give me a screen that is completely black except from a little, white, flash underscore thingy and make me watch it for a few minutes before Windows decides to start. I then get the boot screen ad login screen and everything is OK.

There are no other obvious problems (no viruses, spyware detected etc.) and I can't tie it in to anything I've done. Needless to say it's beginning to get annoying and I'd be very grateful if any of you knowledgable people could help me get rid of it :ewan:


Senior Squad
well m still wonderin but if ur pc is old and u have less ram plus many softwares run when booted then it might be that...

anyone else has a clue?