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Ernst Abbe (January 23, 1840 -- January 14, 1905) Physicist whose theoretical and technical innovations in optical theory led to great improvements in microscope design (such as the use of a condenser OR Germany, physicist, (Carl Zeiss Optics Company

Carl A Agardh (1785) Sweden, botanist/bishop of Karlstad

Kevin Alexander (1975) NFL wide receiver, (NY Giants)

Richard Dean Anderson (1950) Minneapolis, actor, (MacGyver, Emerald Pt NAS)

Andrex (1907)

Remy Angenot (1894) Flemish actor, (Patriot/Idiot)

Lou Antonio (1934) Okla City, actor, (Barney-Snoop Sisters, Makin' It)

Prosper Arents (1889) Flemish bibliographer, (Rubens_bibliography)

Horace Ashenfelter (1923) US, 3000m steeplechase, (Olympic-gold-1952),

Ivan Ivanovich Bachurin (1942) Cosmonaut

Margaret Johnson Bailes (1951) Bronx NY, 4X100 runner, (Olympic-gold-1968),

Herma Bauma (1915) Austria, javelin thrower, (Oly-gold-1948),

Herbert Bedford (1867) Composer

Sergey Belov (1944) USSR, basketball player, (Olympic-gold-1972),

Greg Benson (1968)

Tim Berrett (1965) Tunbridge Wells Engl, Canadian 20k walker, (Oly-14-92, 96),

Georg Bernhard Bilfinger (January 23, 1693 -- February 18, 1750) German philosopher, mathematician, statesman, and author of treatises in astronomy, physics, botany, and theology, best known for his Leibniz-Wolffian

Holbrook Blinn (1872)

Carlo Felice Boghen (1869) Composer

Willy Bogner, Jr (1942) Munich, director, (On Her Majesty's Secret Service),

Napoleon L Bonaparte (1914) French pretender to the throne

Bonkers (19--) (All My Children)

Subhas Chandra Bose (January 23, 1897 -- August 18, 1945) Indian revolutionary who led an Indian national force against the Western powers during World War II. OR Indian politician

Phil Boudreault (1976) Copper Cliff Ontario, boxer, (Olympics-96),

Rutland Boughton (January 23, 1878 -- January 25, 1960) Composer of operas, the principal English advocate of the theories of music drama expounded by Richard Wagner. OR composer

Mourad Bourboune (January 23, 1938) Algerian novelist who, like many young Algerian writers in the decades following their country's independence, criticized the oppressiveness of the ne

Mike Brim (1966) NFL cornerback, (Cin Bengals)

Kees [Cornelis] Broekman (1928) Dutch speed skater, (Olympic_silver_1952)

Robert Cabana (1949) Minneapolis, Mjr USMC/astronaut, (STS 41, 53, 68,

Reginald Calloway (1955) Trumpet player, (Midnight Star_No Parking)

Frank Carlson (1893) (Gov/Rep/Sen_R_Ks)

Thomas R Carper (1947) (Rep_D_DE, 1983_ )

Angela Carrasco (19--) Santo Domingo Dom Rep, spanish singer, (Boca Rosa),

Eric Carter (1969) CFL cornerback, (Hamilton Tiger Cats)

John Randolph Chambliss, Jr (1833) Brig Gen, (Confederate Army), died in 1864,

Glen Chapple (1974) Cricketer, (Lancashire & England A pace bowler)

Charlotte (January 23, 1896 -- July 9, 1985) Grand duchess of Luxembourg from 1919 to 1964. Her constitutional reign saw the evolution of Luxembourg into a modern social-democratic state.

Emil Hass Christensen (1903)

Camilla Collett (January 23, 1813 -- March 6, 1895) Novelist and passionate advocate of women's rights; she wrote the first Norwegian novel dealing critically with the position of women. Its immense inf

Franz Commer (1813) Composer

Benoit-Constant Coquelin (January 23, 1841 -- January 27, 1909) French actor of unusual range and versatility.

Herbert David Croly (January 23, 1869 -- May 17, 1930) American author, editor, and political philosopher, founder of the magazine The New Republic. OR US author, (Promise of American Life)

Bill Cunningham (1950) Rock keyboardist/bassist, (Box Tops)

Sir Alexander Cunningham (January 23, 1814 -- November 28, 1893) British army officer and archaeologist who excavated many sites in India, including Sarnath and Sanchi, and served as the first director of the Indian

Benjamin Delmonte (1865) Theater director/actor, (Black Haired Whore)

Otto Paul Hermann Diels (January 23, 1876 -- March 7, 1954) German organic chemist who with Kurt Alder was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1950 for their joint work in developing a method of preparing

Nina Dumbadze (1919) USSR, Discus thrower, (Oly-bronze-1952),

David Douglas Duncan (January 23, 1916) American photojournalist noted for his dramatic combat photography during the Korean War.

Shifty Duryea (1907) White Plains NY, actor, (Pride of the Yankees)

Sergei Eisenstein (1898) Russia, director, (Battleship Potemkin) [NS],

Sergei M. Eisenstein (1898)

Sergey (Mikhaylovich) Eisenstein (January 23, 1898 -- February 11, 1948) Russian film director and theorist whose work includes the three film classics Potemkin (1925), Alexander Nevsky (1938), and Ivan the Terrible (releas

Ulrika Eleonora (January 23, 1688 -- November 24, 1741) Swedish queen whose short reign (1718-20) led to Sweden's Age of Freedom--a 52-year decline of absolutism in favour of parliamentary government.

Gertrude Belle Elion (1918-____) American pharmacologist who, along with George H. Hitchings and Sir James W. Black, received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1988 for th OR NYC, biochemist/drug researcher, (Nobel 1988),

Alan Embree (1970) Vancouver WA, pitcher, (Cleveland Indians),

Ken Errair (1930) Rocker, (Four Freshmen)

Paul Peter Ewald (January 23, 1888 -- August 22, 1985) German physicist and crystallographer whose theory of X-ray interference by crystals was the first detailed, rigorous theoretical explanation of the d

Earl Falconer (1959) British reggae bassist, (UB40_Red Red Wine)

Danny Federici (1950) Rocker, (E Street Band)

Rick Finch (1954) Rocker, (KC & Sunshine Band_Give It)

Marquel Fleetwood (1970) WLAF quarterback, (Frankfurt Galaxy)

Scott Fortune (1966) Newport Beach Calif, volleyballer, (Oly-G-88,B-92, 96),

Julie Foudy (1971) SD Calif, soccer midfielder, (Olympics-96),

Lucas I Franchoys (1574) Belgian painter

Norman Fulton (1909) Composer

Konstanty I Galczynski (1905) Polish poet, (Zielona Ges)

Gaston AA Marquis de Gallifet (1830) French general/min of War, (1899_1900)

Gil Gerard (1943) Little Rock Ark, actor, (Buck Rogers in 25th Century)

William E "Bill" Gibb (1943) Scottish fashion designer

Richard Gilliland (1950) Ft Worth Tx, actor, (Jonesy-Waltons, Tom-Heartland)

Ray Girardin (19--) Wakefield Mass, actor, (Charlie & Company),

Arlene Golonka (1933) Chicago Ill, actress, (Millie-Mayberry RFD),

Antonio Gramsci (1891 - 1937) Italian intellectual, politician; He was a founder of the Italian Communist Party whose ideas still greatly influence Italian Communism.

Ralph Graves (1900) Cleve Ohio, actor, (Dirigible, Flight, Dream Street)

Cesare Gravina (1858)

Raymond Griffith (1890)

Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimaldi (1957) Monte Carlo Monaco, princess

Mark Grimmette (1971) Ann Arbor Mich, doubles luger, (Olympics-1994)

Judy Gringer (1941)

Manne Grünberger (1912)

Pat Haden (1953) Westbury, NY, NFL quarterback, (LA Rams)

Florence Halop (1923) Queens, actress, (Florence-Night Court, St Elsewhere),

John Hancock (1/23/1737) Patriot, (1st to sign declaration of independence)

Byron Hanspard (1976) NFL running back, (Atlanta Falcons)

Tanya Harding (1972) Australian softball pitcher, (Olympics_bronze_96)

Mariska Hargitay (1964) LA Calif, actress, (Jesse Smith-Downtown, ER)

Charles Harpur (January 23, 1813 -- June 10, 1868) Early Australian poet whose verse, though often lacking intensity and originality, reflects a gentle and sincere personality.

Gary Harrell (1972) NFL/WLAF receiver, (NY Giants, Frankfurt Galaxy),

Rutger Hauer (1944) Dutch actor, (Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, Osterman Weekend)

Omar Henry (1952) Cricketer, (1st colored player for south africa 1992)

Sonita Henry (1977)

Carl Herrmann (1816) Near Hanover Germany, stage magician

Joseph Hewes (1730) US merchant, (Declaration of Independence signer)

Yukawa Hideki (January 23, 1907 -- September 8, 1981) Japanese physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1949 for research in the theory of elementary particles.

Lars Johan Hierta (January 23, 1801 -- November 20, 1872) Journalist and politician who became a leading agitator for Swedish political and social reform.

David Hilbert (January 23, 1862 -- February 14, 1943) German mathematician who reduced geometry to a series of axioms and contributed substantially to the establishment of the formalistic foundations of m OR K~nigsberg East Prussia, mathematician

Hans Heinrich XIV Hochberg (1843) Composer

Trevor Hohns (1954) Cricketer, (Australian leg_spinner 1989)

Silvano Ippoliti (1923)

Stephen L. Johnson (1949)

Trey Junkin (1961) Tight end, (Arizona Cardinals)

Edward Ka-spel (1954) English singer/songwriter, (Legendary Pink Dots)

Lelani Kai (19--) [Patricia Karisma], wrestler, (WWF),

Miklos Kallay (January 23, 1887 -- January 14, 1967) Politician who, as prime minister of Hungary in World War II, unsuccessfully attempted to extricate his country from the German alliance.

Joseph Nathan Kane (1899) Historian, (Famous Firsts)

Karl Karlovich Klaus (January 23, 1796 -- March 24, 1864) Russian chemist (of German origin) credited with the discovery of ruthenium in 1844.

Mark Kolesar (1973) Minnedosa, NHL right wing, (Toronto Maple Leafs),

Lubomir Kolnik (1968) Skalica CZ, hockey forward, (Team Slovakia, Espoo),

Petr Korda (1968) Prague Czech, tennis star, (1993 Doubles-Cincinnati),

Ernie Kovacs (1919) Trenton NJ, comedian, (Ernie Kovacs' Show)

Jerry Kramer (1936) Green Bay Packer, author, (Instant Replay),

Theresa Kulikowski (1980) Tacoma Wash, gymnast, (World-bronze-95, Oly-96),

Miklós Kállay (1887) Premier Hungary, (1942_44)

John Landen (January 23, 1719 -- January 15, 1790) British mathematician who made important contributions on elliptic integrals.

Frank R Lautenberg (1924) (Sen_D_NJ, 1983_ )

Jerry Lawson (1944) US singer, (Persuasions_Under the Boardwalk)

Gilbert Ledward (1888) British(?) Sculptor

Sir (William) Arthur Lewis (January 23, 1915 -- June 15, 1991) British economist who shared (with Theodore W. Schultz, an American) the 1979 Nobel Prize for Economic Science for his studies of economic development

Sir Richard Winn Livingstone (January 23, 1880 -- December 26, 1960) Classical scholar and university administrator who championed the classical liberal arts curriculum.

Tony Lucca (1976)

Lennart Lundh (1928)

Gaston-Alexandre-Auguste Galliffet, marquis de, PRINCE DE MAR (January 23, 1830 -- July 8, 1909) French military leader who severely suppressed revolts in the Paris Commune in 1871.

Edouard Manet (1/23/1832)

Édouard Manet (1832) France, Impressionist painter, (Déjeuner sur L'Herbe),

Anatoly Marchenko (1938) Siberia, Soviet dissident

Guida Maria (1950)

Asif Masood (1946) Cricketer, (Pakistani quick with long & erratic run_up)

Greene, Charles Sumner; and Greene, Henry Mather (January 23, 1870 -- October 2, 1954) American architects, brothers who pioneered the influential California bungalow (a one-storied house with a low-pitched roof).

Friedrich von Matthison (1761) German poet, (Adelaide)

Friedrich von Matthisson (January 23, 1761 -- March 12, 1831) German poet whose verses were praised for their melancholy sweetness and pastoral descriptive passages.

Michael Matz (1951) Equestrian show jumper, (Olympics_silver_96)

Kevin Mawae (1971) NFL center/guard, (Seattle Seahawks)

Laurie Mayne (1942) Cricketer, (Australian pace bowler in 6 Tests 1965_70)

Kez McCorvey (1972) NFL wide receiver, (Detroit Lions)

Lafe McKee (1872)

Misha Mck (1960) East Orange NJ, actress, (Gerri-Me & Mrs C),

Eric Metcalf (1968) NFL receiver/running back, (Atl Falcons, SD Chargers),

Lorraine Michaels (1958) Canterbury England, playmate, (Apr, 1981)

Walter M[ichael] Miller, Jr (1923) US, sci-fi author, (Hugo, View from Stars),

Ank van der Moer (1912) actress, (Verkade, Dutch Comedy),

Andrija Mohorovicic (January 23, 1857 -- December 18, 1936) Croatian meteorologist and geophysicist who discovered the boundary between the Earth's crust and mantle--a boundary subsequently named the Mohorovici OR Croatian geologist, (Moho discontinuity)

Eugene Monti (1928) Italy, bobsledder, (Olympic-2 golds-1968),

Jeanne Moreau (1928 - ____) French actress; Her films include "Frantic: Lovers."

David Newell (1905) Mo, actor, (Runaway Bride, White Heat, Dangerous Curves),

David Newell, I (1905)

Alfredo Niceforo (January 23, 1876 -- March 2, 1960) Italian sociologist, criminologist, and statistician who posited the theory that every person has a "deep ego" of antisocial, subconscious impulses th

Hubert Nicholson (1908) Poet/novelist

Gail O'Grady (1963) Detroit, actress, (Hitman, Nobody's Perfect, NYPD Blue)

Alexander O'Neal (1955) R&B singer

Sherman Obando (1970) Changuinola Panama, outfielder, (Montreal Expos),

William Page (January 23, 1811 -- October 1, 1885) American painter known for his sedate portraits of prominent mid-19th-century Americans and Britons.

Marty Paich (1925) Oakland Calif, orch leader, (Sonny & Cher, Glenn Campbell)

Bob Paisley (1919) English soccer player/trainer/manager of FC Liverpool

Ralph De Palma (January 23, 1884 -- March 31, 1956) American automobile-racing driver, one of the most popular and successful competitors in the early days of the sport.

Franklin Pangborn (1893) Newark, actor, (My Best Gal, Hats Off, Easy Living)

Adam Parore (1971) cricket wicket-keeper, (NZ, 1st Maori Test centurion),

Christine Parris-Washington (1967) Truro Nova Scotia, softball, (Olympics-96),

Erbet Pawel (1920) Biographer, (Kafka)

Anthony Peterson (1972) NFL linebacker, (Chicago Bears, SF 49ers),

Mary Philips (1900) CT, actress, (Farewell to Arms, Incendiary Blonde)

William Reid Pogue (1930) Okemah Okla, Colonel USAF/astronaut, (Skylab 4),

Anita Pointer (1948) Oakland, rock vocalist, (Pointer Sisters-She's So Shy),

John Polanyi (1929) Berlin, Canadian chemist, (Nobel 1986),

John C(harles) Polanyi (January 23, 1929) Chemist and educator who, with Dudley R. Herschbach and Yuan T. Lee, received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1986 for his contribution to the field

Harry A. Pollard (1883)

Tyrone Power, Jr (1959) Los Angeles Calif, actor, (Shag),

Calvin Edward Pratt (1828) Brig General, (Union volunteers), died in 1896,

Django Reinhardt (1910) Belgium, Gypsy jazz guitarist

Greg Ritchie (1960) Cricketer, (Qld & Aust batsman Fat Cat Mahatma Cote)

Chita Rivera (1933) Actress/dancer or wash dc, actress, (west side story, sweet charity)

Rocco Romano (1963) CFL guard, (Calgary Stampeders)

Juventino Rosas (1868) Composer

Johnny Russell (1940) Country singer

Marty Russo (1944) (Rep_D_IL, 1975_ )

Theodor Schaefer (1904) Composer

Jim Schwantz (1970) NFL linebacker, (Dallas Cowboys, SF 49ers),

Randolph Scott (1903) Actor. Or actor, (last of the mohicans, western union)

Todd Scott (1968) NFL safety, (Tampa Bay Bucs)

Sergius (January 23, 1867 -- May 15, 1944) Theologian and patriarch of Moscow and the Russian Orthodox church who, by his leadership in rallying the church membership in a united effort with th

Alexander Nikoleyevich Serov (1820) Composer

Brendan Shanahan (1969) Mimico Ont, NHL left wing, (Whalers, Red Wings),

Robyn Sheppard (1959)

Bud Shuster (1932) (Rep_R_PA, 1973_ )

Patrick Simmons (1950) Guitarist/vocal, (Doobie Brothers_Minute by Minute)

Pak Saleman Siswowitono (1908) Javan/Surinamese writer

Richard Smehlik (1970) Ostrava Cze, NHL defenseman, (Buf Sabres, Oly-Gold-98),

Amanda Berry Smith (1897) Famous African

Shifty Smith (1911) Harmonica/gospel singer

Philipp Jakob Spener (January 23, 1635 -- February 5, 1705) Theologian, author, and a leading figure in German Pietism, a movement among 17th- and 18th-century Lutherans that stressed personal improvement and u

Joel Spiegelman (1933) Composer

Bob Steele (1906) Pendleton Oregon, actor, (Duffy-F Troop, Big Sleep),

Bob Steele, I (1906)

Stendahl (1783) [Marie Henri Beyle], France, writer, (Le Rouge et de Noir)

Stendhal (1783 - 1842) French novelist; He was a leading literary figure best known for psychological and political insight in "The Red and the Black," 1830.

Benno Stokvis (1901) Dutch attorney/politician

Naim Suleymanoglu (1967) Bulgaria, Turkish weight lifter, (Oly-gold-1988),

Jean-Lambert Tallien (January 23, 1767 -- November 16, 1820) French Revolutionary who became a leader of the moderates (Thermidorians) after he helped engineer the fall of Robespierre in 1794.

Susan L. Taylor (1946 - ____) US journalist; She has been editor of the black women's magazine, "Essence," since 1981.

Tiffani-Amber Theissen (1974) Long Beach Ca, actress, (Saved by Bell, 90210),

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (1974)

Tiffani/Amber Thiessen (1974)

Ian Thomson (1929) Cricketer, (England seam bowler v South Africa 1964_65)

Thomas Todd (January 23, 1765 -- February 7, 1826) Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1807-26).

Katherine Tynan (January 23, 1861 -- April 2, 1931) Irish poet and novelist whose works are dominated by the combined influences of Catholicism and Irish patriotism.

Franco De Vita (1954) Caracas Venezuala, spanish singer, (Extranjero),

Christian A Vulpius (1762) Germany, writer, (Rinaldo Rinaldini),

Charlotte A E M W (1896) Grand duchess of Luxembourg, (1919_64)

Derek Walcott (1930 - ____) West Indian poet, playwright; He was noted for works that explore the Caribbean cultural experience; received the Nobel Prize for Literature, 1992

Boleslaw Wallek-Walewski (1885) Composer

Benny Waters (1902) Saxophonist

Marianne Wesén (1940)

Geoffrey Wigdor (1982)

Frank Winters (1964) NFL center, (Green Bay Packers_Superbowl 31)

Mark Wohlers (1970) Holyoke MA, pitcher, (Atlanta Braves),

Haywoode Workman (1966) NBA guard, (Indiana Pacers)

Hediki Yukawa (1907) Japan, physicist, (Nobel 1949),

Lamont Robin Zander (1953) Rocker, (Cheap Trick)

Robin Zander (1955) Rocker vocalist/guitarist, (Cheap Trick_Dream Police)

Oton Zupancic (1878) Slovenian poet, (Zimzelen pod Snegom)

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Claudio Achillini (1574) Italian lawyer/poet

John Aitken (September 18, 1839 -- November 14, 1919) Physicist and meteorologist who, through a series of experiments and observations in which he used apparatus of his own design, elucidated the crucial

Jean Allamand (1713) French theologist/natural philosopher

Viktor A Ambartsoemjan (1908) Russian astronomer, (Stalin Prize 1946, 50),

Vladimir Ambros (1890) Composer

Alan Ande Anderson (1917) Opera director

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (1905) Oakland Calif, actor, (Carlos Benny Show)

Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson (1905)

Lance Armstrong (1971) Plano Texas, road cyclist, (Olympics-6th-92, 96),

Leon Askin (1907) Vienna Austria, actor, (Pierre-Charlie Farrell Show)

Frankie Avalon (1939) Rocker, (venus, beach blanket bingo)

Barbii (19--) XXX actress, (Eye of the Tigress, Loose Ends),

Sharon Barrett (1961) San Diego, LPGA golfer, (1993 Nabisco Dinah Shore-22nd),

Ricky Bell (1967) Boston Mass, rock vocalist, (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe),

Robert F Bennett (1933) (Sen_R Utah)

Koos van den Berg (1942) Dutch MP, (SGP)

Lord Berners (1883) [Gerald Tyrwhitt], England, composer, (1st Childhood)

Murtaza Bhutto (1954) Politician

Betty Bjurström (1923)

Rudolf Blahacek (1942)

Robert Blake (1933) Nutley NJ, (Baretta, Little Rascals, Coast to Coast)

Gerrit Borgers (1917) Literature

Scotty Bowman (1933) NHL player/coach, (Mont Canadians)

Rossano Brazzi (1916) Bolognia Italy, actor/director, (Antaeus-Survivors)

Clive Burton (1941) Neuropathologist

Carlos Cardiff (1914)

Joanne Catherall (1962) Sheffield England, rock vocalist, (Human League),

Sandra Cervik (1966)

Kotti Chave (1911)

Ron Childs (1971) NFL linebacker, (NO Saints)

George Chirello (1895)

Christian VIII (September 18, 1786 -- January 20, 1848) King of Denmark during the rise of the liberal opposition to absolutism in the first half of the 19th century.

John H(essin) Clarke (September 18, 1857 -- March 22, 1945) Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1916-22).

Harold Clurman (September 18, 1901 -- September 9, 1980) Influential and respected American theatrical director and drama critic. OR producer/director, (Deadline at Dawn)

Claudette Colbert (1903 - 1996) French actress; She won an Oscar for best actress in "It Happened One Night," 1934; also starred in "Cleopatra," 1934.

Fay Compton (1894) [Virginia Lillian Emeline Compton], actress, (Haunting)

Mike Compton (1970) NFL center/guard, (Detroit Lions)

Robert Coons (1969) NFL tight end, (Buffalo Bills)

Henri A Cornelis (1910) Gov_general Belgian Congo/Rwanda_Urundi

Robert Cowdin (1805) Brig General, (Union volunteers), died in 1874,

Martin-Pierre Dalvimare (1772) Composer

Agnes De Mille (1905) American dancer, choreographer OR NYC, choreographer, (Oklahoma)

Agnes George DeMille (1905 - ____) US dancer, choreographer; She choreographed musicals "Oklahoma," 1943, "Brigadoon," 1947; won Tonys, 1947.

Isabelle Demongeot (1966) Gassin France, tennis star

Peter Deutsch, I (1901)

John G Diefenbaker (1895) Neustadt Ontario, 13th Canadian PM, (C), (1957-63),

John G(eorge) Diefenbaker (September 18, 1895 -- August 16, 1979) Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party who was prime minister of Canada in 1957-63, following 22 years of uninterrupted Liberal rule.

Norman Dinnerstein (1937) Composer

Takao Doi (1954) Tokyo Japan, astronaut, (STS 87),

Henry Edwards, I (1882)

Hetta Empson (1915) Artist

Dino Falconi (1902)

Zelda Fichandler (1924) Actor OR Boston, theater director/producer, (Raisin, K2)

Debbi Fields (1956 - ____) US business executive; She is the founder of "Mrs. Fields Cookies, Inc.," 1979.

June Rosemary Fisher (1929) Teacher/trade unionist

Lita Ford (1958) London England, vocalist, (Kiss Me Deadly, Runaways)

Lita Rossana Ford (1958) London England, metal guitarist, (Kiss Me Deadly),

David Forsyth (19--) Long Beach Calif, actor, (Dr John Hudson-Another World),

Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault (September 18, 1819 -- February 11, 1868) French physicist who introduced and helped develop a technique of measuring the absolute velocity of light with extreme accuracy. He provided experime

Alberto Franchetti (1860) Composer

Michael Franks (1944) Rocker

Sokyu Fujita (1949)

Enrico Fulchignoni (1913)

Arturo Gallea (1895)

Carmine Gallone (1886)

Greta Garbo (1905 - 1990) Swedish actress; She became a famed recluse with her "I want to be alone" line in the film "Grand Hotel," 1932.

Carrie Genzel (1971)

François Gesthuizen (1972) soccer player, (PSV, NAC),

Franco Di Giacomo (1932)

Etienne Glaser (1937)

Bud Greenspan (1926) Documentary maker, (Olympic Games)

Enrico Guazzoni (1876)

Harvey Haddix (1925) Baseball pitcher, (pitched perfect game into 12th)

Nils Hallberg (1921)

Haflidi Magnus Hallgrimmson (1941) Composer

Oliver Holden (1765) Composer

Mike Hossack (1950) Patterson NJ, rock drummer, (Doobie Brothers),

Richard Huntley (1972) NFL running back, (Atlanta Falcons)

Tomas de Iriarte (1750) Spanish writer, (Fabulas Literarias)

Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784) English lexicographer, critic; He was remembered for writing the first critique of Shakespeare, 1765 and "Dictionary of the English Language," 1755.

Eddie Jones (19--) Washington PA, actor, (Jonathan Kent-Lois & Clark),

Rocío Jurado (1946)

Akira Kamiya (1946)

Justinus AC Kerner (1786) German family doctor/poet/writer

Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner (September 18, 1786 -- February 21, 1862) German poet and spiritualist writer. He and the poet Ludwig Uhland founded the so-called Swabian group of late Romantic poets.

Sir John Graham Kerr (September 18, 1869 -- April 21, 1957) English embryologist and pioneer in naval camouflage who greatly advanced knowledge of the evolution of vertebrates and, in 1914, was among the first

Alan "Bam" King (1946) Rocker

Phyllis Kirk (1929) Syracuse NY, actress, (Thin Man, Red Button's Show)

Monique Klemann (1965) Singer, (Loïs Lane)

Toni Kukoc (1968) NBA forward, (Chicago Bulls)

Hermann Kutter (1863) Swiss Christ_social theologist

Oleg Ladik (1971) Kiev Ukraine, Canadian 100 kg freestyle wrestler, (Oly-96),

Adrien-Marie Lagendre (1752) Mathematician, worked on elliptic integrals

Michael Landes (1972) Actor, (american summer)

Johannes Anker Larsen (1874) Danish writer, (Vises Sten)

Adrien-Marie Legendre (September 18, 1752 -- January 10, 1833) French mathematician whose distinguished work on elliptic integrals provided basic analytic tools for mathematical physics.

Everett Lindsay (1970) NFL guard/center, (Minn Vikings)

Kerry Livgren (1949) Kansas, rock guitarist, (Kansas),

Abdul Muslim Mahomayev (1885) Composer

William March (1893) [Campbell], US, writer, (Company K)

Siegfried Marcus (September 18, 1831 -- June 30, 1898) Inventor who built four of the world's earliest gasoline-powered automobiles.

Pablo Sorozabal Marialcurrena (1897) Composer

Jimmy Marsden (1973)

Frederic Marés (1893) Spanish sculptor

Marco Masini (1964) Italian entertainer

Anton Mauve (September 18, 1838 -- February 5, 1888) Dutch Romantic painter who, like his friends Jozef Isradls and the three Maris brothers, was profoundly influenced by the French landscape painter Cam OR painter/graphic artist/cousin of Vincent Van G

May McAvoy (1901)

Jim McCrery (1949) (Rep_R_Louisiana)

Edwin M McMillan (1907) US, physicist/discoverer plutonium, (Nobel prize),

Edwin Mattison McMillan (September 18, 1907 -- September 7, 1991) American nuclear physicist who shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1951 with Glenn T. Seaborg for his discovery of element 93, neptunium, the firs

Mariangela Melato (1941) Milan Italy, actress, (Flash Gordon, Summer Night)

J T Mellema (1923) Boer politician, (CHU)

John Mens (1897) Writer, (People Without Money)

Agnes George de Mille (September 18, 1905 -- October 7, 1993) Changed the face of American dance by incorporating American subject matter and elements of folk dancing into her ballets, and she revolutionized musi

Agnes de Mille (September 18, 1905 -- October 7, 1993) American dancer and choreographer who further developed the narrative aspect of dance and made innovative use of American themes, folk dances, and ges

Shelly Moore (1978) Miss Teen USA, (Tennessee, 1997),

Carlos Mullaney (1932) Pitts Pa, actor, (My Living Doll, It's About Time),

Louis Myers (1929) Blues guitarist /harmonica player

Kiichi Nakai (1961)

Manfred Niehaus (1933) Composer

Standish James O'Grady (September 18, 1846 -- May 18, 1928) Historical novelist and literary historian whose popular English versions of the Irish heroic sagas earned him the title of "father of the Irish liter

Ronald Ogden (1915) Engineer

Willy Parsons (1959)

Johann D Passavant (1787) German historian/painter/graphic artist

Hank Penny (1918)

Misha Philipchuk (1988)

Jada Pinkett (1971) Actress, (set it off, nutty professor, menace ii society)

V L Ponomaryova (1933) Cosmonaut

Valentina Leonidovna Ponomaryova (1933) Cosmonaut, (Vostok 6 backup)

Milan Rakic (1876) Serbian poet, (Pesme)

Dee Dee Ramone (1951) Virg, [Douglas Colvin], rock bassist, (Ramones)

Francois-Juste-Marie Raynouard (September 18, 1761 -- October 27, 1836) French dramatist and Romance philologist who also played a part in the politics of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.

George Read (1733) US judge/signer, (Declaration of Independence)

John J Rhodes (1916) (Rep_R_Az)

Charles Valentine Riley (September 18, 1843 -- September 14, 1895) British-born American entomologist who contributed much to the advancement of the systematic study of insects of economic significance in the United S

Holly Robinson (1964) Phila, actress, (21 Jump Street)

Michela Rocco (1970) Udine Italy, Miss Italy, (1987),

Gary Rogers (1970) CFL linebacker, (Saskatchewan Roughriders)

Nikolai N Rukavishnikov (1932) Siberia, cosmonaut, (Soyuz 10, 16, 33),

Kondraty Fyodorovich Ryleyev (September 18, 1795 -- July 13, 1826) Russian poet and revolutionary, a leader in the Decembrist revolt of 1825.

Valery Viktorovich Ryumin (1932) USSR, cosmonaut, (Soyuz 25, 32/34, 35/37),

Enrico Maria Salerno (1926)

Ryne Sandberg (1959) Spokane WA, infielder, (Chic Cubs),

Pietro Sanmartini (1636) Composer

James Henry Scullin (September 18, 1876 -- January 28, 1953) Statesman and leader of the Australian Labor Party who as prime minister guided the country through the early years of the Great Depression but was pl

Naresh Kumar Sohal (1939) Composer

Will Stanton (1885)

Kate Starre (1971) Armadale Australia, field hockey utility, (Olympics-96),

Leon Stein (1910) Composer

Joseph Story (1779-1845) Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1811-45), who joined Chief Justice John Marshall in giving juristic support to the development o OR Mass, 19th Supreme Court justice, (1812-45)

Marcellus Augustus Stovall (1818) Brig General, (Confederate Army)

C. Gardner Sullivan (1884)

Johann Anton Sulzer (1752) Composer

Josef Tal (1910) Composer

Richard Thurnwald (September 18, 1869 -- January 19, 1954) German anthropologist and sociologist known for his comparative studies of social institutions.

Jeana Tomasino (1955) Milwaukee Wis, playmate, (Nov, 1980)

Charles Lacy Veach (1944) Chicago Illinois, astronaut, (STS 39, STS 52),

Hans Vermeulen (1947) Singer/guitarist, (Sandy Coast)

Michael Vetter (1943) Composer

Jozef de Voght (1877) Flemish priest/songwriter, (Under the Snow)

Adam Walacinski (1928) Composer

Johann Gottfried Walther (September 18, 1684 -- March 23, 1748) German organist and composer who was one of the first musical lexicographers. OR Erfurt Germany, composer/Musicographer

Carlos Warden (1920) Newark NJ, actor, (NYPD, Crazy Like a Fox, Norby)

Henry Constantine Wayne (1815) Brig General, (Confederate Army)

Helene Weijel (1950) Author, (In the Street Without a Coat)

Rich Weiss (1963) Munich Germany, US slalom single kayak, (Olympics-6th-96),

Bob Whittaker (1939) (Rep_R_KS, 1979_ )

Kim Wilde (1960) [Kim Smith], Chiswick England, vocalist,

Fred Willard (1939) Ohio, comedian, (Fernwood 2 Night, Real People)

Clark Wissler (September 18, 1870 -- August 25, 1947) U.S. anthropologist who developed the concept of culture area and whose The American Indian (1917; 2nd ed., 1922), remains a classic in North American OR anthropologist, (American Indian)

Gregory XVI (September 18, 1765 -- June 1, 1846) Pope from 1831 to 1846. OR [Bartolomeo A Cappellari/Mauro], Italy, Pope


Starting XI
10th August

A(runah) S(hepardson) Abell (August 10, 1806 -- April 19, 1888) Newspaper editor and publisher, and founder, with two other investors, of the Philadelphia Public Ledger and the Baltimore Sun.

Julio A Abraham (1909) President, (Democratic Party Bonaire)

Marie-Claire Alain (1926) French organist/composer

Albumazar (August 10, 787 -- March 9, 886) Leading astrologer of the Muslim world, who is known primarily for his theory that the world, created when the seven planets were in conjunction in th

Beatrice Alda (1961) Daughter of alan alda, actress, (lisa-four seasons)

John Alldis (1929) Composer/conductor

Jorge Amado (1912) Brazilian writer, (O Pais do Carnaval)

Lars Amble (1939)

Ian Anderson (1947) Scotland, rocker, (Jethro Tull-Bungle in the Jungle)

Alex Andrievski (1968) NHL forward, (Team Belarus, Oly-98),

Samuel Arnold (August 10, 1740 -- October 22, 1802) Composer whose 36-volume edition of Handel (1786-97), although shown defective by later scholarship, was the earliest attempt to publish a composer's OR composer

Rosanna Arquette (1959) NYC, actress, (Desperately Seeking Susan, After Hour)

Patti Austin (1948) Soul singer/actress, (Real Me)

Piet[er O] Bakker (1897) Dutch novelist, (Ciske the Rat)

Antonio Banderas (1960) Malaga Spain, actor, (Phila, Evita, Mambo Kings)

Robert Woodward Barnwell (1801) MC, (Confederacy), died in 1882,

Wesley Barry (1907)

Noah Beery Jr. (1913)

Noah Beery, Jr (1913) NYC, actor, (Rockford Files, Quest, Doc Elliot),

Gyula Beliczay (1835) Composer

Veronica Bennett (1943) Rocker

Lawrence Binyon (1869) Vienna Austria, poet, (Symbolic Wounds),

Michael Bivins (1968) Boston, rock vocalist, (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe),

Michelle Bjorn-Andersen (1954)

John the Blind (1296) King of Bohemia/Count of Luxembourg

Frank Bowden (1909) Industrialist/landowner

Riddick Bowe (1967) Brooklyn NY, HW boxing champ, (Olympic-silver-1988),

Eric Braunn (1950) Rocker, (Iron Butterfly)

Carlos Briceno (1967) Fountain Valley, CA, beach volleyball, (Oly-br-92, 96)

Gillian Brown (1923) Diplomat

Eugenius Bulgaris (August 10, 1716 -- June 10, 1806) Greek Orthodox theologian and liberal arts scholar who disseminated Western thought throughout the Eastern Orthodox world and contributed to the devel

Butler-Sloss (1933) British Lady Justice

Lawrence Byford (1925) HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary

Witter Bynner (1881 - 1968) US author; He wrote "The Jade Mountain," 1929, translation of Chinese poetry; "Indian Earth," 1929.

Angus Campbell (1910) US, psychologist, (Elections & Political Order),

Charles Thomas Campbell (1823) Brig General, (Union volunteers)

Edwin James Nairn Carr (1926) Composer

Joseph Cates (1924)

Camilio Benso di Cavour (1810) Turin Italy, PM

Antonio Centa (1907)

Cornelis Chastelein (1657) Dutch colonial director

Jerome Chodorov (1911)

Claudia Christian (1965)

Johnny Clark (1916)

Mae Clarke (1910) [Klotz], Phila, actress, (Frankenstein, Waterloo Bridge)

Rocky Colavito (1933) Bronx, baseball player, (Hit 4 HRs in a game)

Martha Colliander (1893)

Maria Combs (1951) LPGA golfer

Jay Cooke (August 10, 1821 -- February 18, 1905) U.S. financier and fund raiser for the federal government during the U.S. Civil War.

Anna Julia Cooper (1859 - 1964) US educator, feminist, writer; She was the fourth African American woman to earn a Ph.D.; her teachings and writings disclosed a modern view of racism and sexism in W. civilization.

George Cooper (1925) General

Jeff Corey (1914) NYC, actor, (Getting Straight, Superman & Mole Men)

René Crevel (1900) French author, (Mon corps et moi, Détours),

George W Crockett, Jr (1909) (Rep_D_MI, 1980_ )

Alan Crosland, I (1894)

Jimmy Dean (1928) Tx, actor/singer, (Jimmy Dean Show, Diamonds are Forever)

Keisha Delancy (1973) Miss Turks & Caicos islands Universe, (1997)

Eugene Dennis (August 10, 1905 -- January 31, 1961) American Communist Party leader and labour organizer. He was general secretary of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) from 194

Antonio Goncalves Dias (August 10, 1823 -- November 3, 1864) Romantic poet generally regarded as the national poet of Brazil. His "Song of Exile" (1843), beginning "Minha terra tem palmeiras" ("My land has palm

Antônio G Dias (1823) Brazilian poet

Alfred Doblin (August 10, 1878 -- June 26, 1957) German novelist and essayist, the most talented narrative writer of the German Expressionist movement.

Michel Doesburg (1968) Soccer player, (SC Heerenveen)

Shifty Donovan (1962) Rocker, (Bad)

Hilda Doolittle (1886-1961) Poet, Prominent Member of Imagist Movement OR poet/prominent member of imagist movement

Mark Doubleday (1973) Australian baseball infielder, (Olympics_1996)

Viscount Dunrossil (1893) Scotland, Gov Gen of Australia, (1959-61),

Alfred Döblin (1878) German/French author/co_founder of Sturm

Brian Easdale (1909) Composer

Hugo Eckener (August 10, 1868 -- August 14, 1954) German aeronautical engineer and commander of the first lighter-than-air aircraft to fly around the world.

Eric Alan Edwards (1953)

(Paul Ludwig) Adalbert Falk (August 10, 1827 -- July 7, 1900) Prussian bureaucrat who as state minister of ecclesiastical affairs in the 1870s aggressively headed German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's Kulturkampf

Jon Farriss (1961) Australian rock vocalist/drummer, (INXS_Kiss the Dirt)

Sal Fasano (1971) Chicago IL, catcher, (KC Royals),

Leo Fender (1909) Anaheim California, rocker, (Fender guitars),

Reinaldo Ferreira (1897)

Santiago Ferrer (1762) Composer

Luigi De Filippo (1930)

Dave Fiore (1974) Tackle, (San Francisco 49ers)

Eddie Fisher (1928) Phila Pa, singer, (Oh My Papa, Lady of Spain)

George Fisher, I (1891)

Rhonda Fleming (1923) Actress or [marilyn louis], hollywood calif, actress, (spellbound)

Iain Fraser (1969) Scarborough, NHL center, (Winnipeg Jets),

John Frere (August 10, 1740 -- July 12, 1807) British antiquary and a founder of prehistoric archaeology.

Dianne Fromhottz (1956) Balestrat Australia, tennis star

Sven-Eric Gamble (1924)

Moe Gardner (1968) NFL nose tackle, (Atlanta Falcons)

Paul Geisler (1856) Composer

Pal Gerevich (1948) Hungary, fencer, (Olympic-bronze-1972, 80),

Girolamo Giacobbi (1567) Composer

Cecil Armstrong Gibbs (1889) Composer

Jacob Edvard Gille (1814) Composer

Bernard Benjamin Gillis (1905) British judge

Varahagiri Venkata Giri (August 10, 1894 -- June 24, 1980) Statesman, president of India from 1969 to 1974.

Aleksandr (Konstaninovich) Glazunov (August 10, 1865 -- March 21, 1936) The major Russian symphonic composer of the generation that followed Tchaikovsky.

Alexander Glazunov (1865)

Alexander K Glazunov (1865) St Petersburg Russia, composer, (Chopiniana),

Alexander Goehr (1932) Composer

Edward Orval Gourdin (1897) Carlos*sonville, long jumper, (Olympic-silver-1924),

Gordon Joseph Cardinal Gray (August 10, 1910 -- July 19, 1993) As spiritual leader of some 800,000 Roman Catholics in Scotland from 1969, was the first resident Scottish cardinal since the Reformation and the firs

Jessica Grieco (1973) Englewood NJ, cyclist, (Olympics-96),

Vicente Guerrero (August 10, 1782 -- February 14, 1831) Hero of the Mexican efforts to secure independence.

Carlos Haley, I (1899)

Alan Hardcastle (1933) Chairman, (Lloyds Regulatory Board)

William (Michael) Harnett (August 10, 1848 -- October 29, 1892) U.S. still-life painter who was one of the masters of trompe l'oeil painting in the 19th century.

A L Harris (1950) Clinicaloncologist

Walt Harris (1974) Cornerback, (Chicago Bears)

Bobby Hatfield (1940) Wisc, rocker, (Righteous Bros-Unchained Melody),

Bret Hedican (1970) St-paul, NHL defenseman, (Vancouver Canucks),

Hugh Herbert (1887)

Rudolf Hilferding (August 10, 1877 -- 1941) Austrian-born German politician who was a leading representative of the Viennese development of Marxism and who served as finance minister in 1923 and OR German economist/SPD-minister of Finance

William "Red" Holzman (1920) NBA coach, (NY Knickerbockers, 754 wins),

Herbert Hoover (1874 - 1964) US president (31st), engineer; He was chief Allied relief administrator during WW I; ed the U.S. as president during the early years of the Depression.

Herbert Clark Hoover (1874) West Branch Iowa, (R) 31st Pres, (1929-1933),

Jennifer Horton (1968) Dover NJ, team handball goalie, (Olympics-92, 96),

Daniel Hugh-Kelly (19--) Hoboken NJ, actor, (Chicago Story, Hardcastle),

Jerrie Anthony Hulme (1935) British major_general

Martha Hyer (1924) TX, actress, (Day of the Wolves, Night of the Grizzly)

Marja-Liisa Hämäläinen (1955) Finnish cross country skier, (Oly_gold_1984)

John (August 10, 1296 -- August 26, 1346) King of Bohemia from 1310 until his death, and one of the more popular heroic figures of his day, who campaigned across Europe from Toulouse to Prussi OR the Fearless, Burgundy France, Duke of Burgund

Betsy Johnson (1942) Fashion designer, (1971 Winnie Award)

Gene Johnson (1949) Sugar Grove Pa, singer, (Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle),

Edith Johnson, I (1894)

Vincent Jonasson (1915)

Brendon Julian (1970) Cricketer, (in NZ Australian left_arm quickie 1993_)

Richard F Kahn (1905) Baron of Hampstead/British economist

Giya Alexandrovich Kancheli (1935) Georgian composer, (Night Prayers)

Roy Keane (1971) Soccer player (H)

Charles Keene (1823) Hornsey, artist

Charles Samuel Keene (August 10, 1823 -- January 4, 1891) English artist and illustrator who was associated with the periodical Punch from 1851 until 1890. His brief and uncluttered illustrations feature gent

Gabrielle Keiller (1908) Collector/golfer

Bishara al- Khuri (August 10, 1890 -- January 11, 1964) Lebanese statesman, president of Lebanon from 1943 to 1952.

Eusebio Kino (August 10, 1645 -- March 15, 1711) Jesuit missionary and explorer in Spanish service, founder of numerous missions in the Pimer¡a Alta region, now divided between the Mexican . . .

Kees van Kooten (1941) Dutch TV host/founder, (Simplistic Union)

Max Kowalski (1882) Composer

Krista (1971) XXX actress, (Natural, Bet, Cage Fury, Mistress), :|

Kunanbajew (1845) Writer

Walter Lang (1896) Composer

Larry Larden (1945) Rocker, (Every Mother's Son)

Carlos Lavin (1883) Composer

Leonard Lickorish (1921) Dir_gen, (British Tourist Authority)

J Scott Lidgett (1854) London, theologist

Jerk Liljefors (1934)

Lisle (1903) British lord

Anita Lonsbrough (1941) England, 200m backstroke swimmer, (Oly-gold-1960),

Alastair Webster Mackie (1925) Poet/teacher

Lise Mackie (1975) Te Kuiti NZ, Australian swimmer, (Olympics-96),

Romain Maes (1912) Belgian bicylist, (Tour de France 1935)

Sherriden May (1973) NFL fullback, (NY Jets)

Joseph McKenna (August 10, 1843 -- November 21, 1926) U.S. Supreme Court justice from 1898 to 1925.

Gus Mercurio (1928)

Martin Miehe-Renard (1956)

Barbara Mills (1940) QC, British Director of Public Prosecutions

Dick Monda (1940)

Douglas Stuart Moore (August 10, 1893 -- July 25, 1969) American composer best known for his folk operas dealing with American themes, the most successful being The Ballad of Baby Doe (1956). He studied com OR Cutchogue NY, composer, (Good Night Harvard)

Mike Morreale (1971) CFL slot back, (Hamilton Tiger Cats)

Miroslav Mosner (1968) Hockey defenseman, (Team Slovakia 1998)

Muhammad V (August 10, 1909 -- February 26, 1961) Sultan of Morocco (1927-57) who became a focal point of nationalist aspirations, secured Moroccan independence from French colonial rule, and then rul

Peter Murphy (1967) Australian rower, (Olympics_96)

Richard Murphy, II (1966)

Steven Nagy (1913) bowler, 1st to bowl 300 on TV, (1954),

Sir Charles James Napier (August 10, 1782 -- August 29, 1853) British general, conqueror (1843) and governor (1843-47) of Sindh, now in Pakistan.

Heinrich August Neithardt (1793) Composer

Paul Newlove (1971) Rugby league player

Craig Newsome (1971) NFL defensive back, (Green Bay Packers_Superbowl 31)

Philipp Nicolai (1556) Germany, theologist/poet/composer

Bill Nieder (1933) Shot putter, (Olympic_gold_1960)

Bernard Nieuwentyt (1654) Dutch physician/theologist

Pepsi Nunes (1952) Marine biologist or marine biologist

Henry O'Neill (1891) Orange NJ, actor, (Lady Killer, Nothing But Trouble)

Cornelis Outshoorn (1810) Dutch architect

Rick Overton (1954)

Wolfgang Paul (August 10, 1913 -- December 6, 1993) German physicist who shared one-half of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1989 with the German physicist Hans G. Dehmelt. (The other half of the prize wa

John Clifford Pemberton (August 10, 1814 -- July 13, 1881) Confederate general during the American Civil War, remembered for his tenacious but ultimately unsuccessful defense of Vicksburg. OR Lt Gen, (Confederate Army), died in 1881

[James] Kenneth Perry (1960) Elizabethtown KY, PGA golfer, (1991 Memorial),

Arthur Porritt (1900) NZ, 100m sprinter, (Olympic-bronze-1924),

Hieronymus Praetorius (1560) Composer

Voranc Prezikov (1893) [Lovro Kuhar], Slovenian author, (Samorastniki),

Nikolai Alekseyevich Pushenko (1952) Russian lt_colonel/cosmonaut

Ashley Putnam (1952) NYC, soprano, (NY City Opera 1978),

Martin Quinney (1971) Quesnel BC, Canada Tour golfer, (1994 Glen Meadows-2nd),

Misty Rain (1969) XXX actress, (Untamed Cowgirls, American Blonde), :|

Shafqat Rana (1943) Pakistani cricket batsman, (5 Tests 1964_69)

Edmund Jennings Randolph (August 10, 1753 -- September 12, 1813) Virginia lawyer who played an important role in drafting and ratifying the U.S. Constitution and served as attorney general and later secretary of sta

Lisa Raymond (1973) Norristown Penn, tennis star, (1995 Indian Wells doubles),

Antonio del Real (1947)

Richard Reeves (1912) NYC, actor, (Murph-Date With an Angel)

James Reynolds (1950) Oskaloosa Ks, actor, (Abe Carver-Days of our Lives),

James Reynolds, I (1950)

Carlos Richards (1958) English cricket wicket_keeper, (mid_80's)

Harry Richman (1895)

Fred Ridgway (1923) England cricket pace bowler, (1951_52 Indian tour)

Charles Rose (1939) (Rep_D_North Carolina, 1973_ )

David Rowland (1933) Chairman, (Lloyd's)

Izaäk Samkalden (1912) Dutch Minister of Justice, (PvdA)/mayor of Amsterdam

Anna-Maria Sandri (1936)

Leendert-John Schalm (1936) Dutch banker on Curaçao

Franz Joseph Leonti Meyer von Schavensee (1720) Composer

Peterus I Scheemaeckers (1652) Flemish sculptor, (tomb stones)

Reinout Scholte (1967) Cricketer, (Netherlands batsman 1996 World Cup)

Christoph Gottlieb Schroter (1699) Composer

Carolyn Schuwalow (1965) Australian distance runner, (Olympics_96)

Malene Schwartz (1936)

Norma Shearer (1900) Montreal Quebec, actress, (Divorcee, Idiot's Delight)

Miro Simonovic (1974) Hockey goaltender, (Team Slovakia 1998)

Saeedi Sirjani (1930) Poet

James (Tod) Sloan (1874) Jockey, created monkey crouch riding style,

Tod Sloan (August 10, 1874 -- December 21, 1933) American jockey who popularized the "monkey crouch" riding style, which at first was derided but later was adopted by most jockeys. A colourful, self-

Antanas Smetona (August 10, 1874 -- January 9, 1944) Lithuanian statesman and journalist who in 1919 became the first president of Lithuania and later returned to power as an authoritarian head of state

Louis Sobol (1896)

Michail M Soschtschenko (1895) Russian author

Ronnie Spector (1943) [Veronica Bennett], NYC, singer, (Be My Little Baby)

Albrecht M Sprenger (1881) Landbuilder

Patricia Spurgin (1965) US scherpschutser, (Olympics_gold_1984)

Andy Stankiewicz (1964) Inglewood CA, infielder, (NY Yankees, Montreal Expos),

John Starks (1965) NBA guard, (NY Knicks)

Irene Steer (1889) England, 4 X 100m relay swimmers, (Olympic-gold-1912),

Lord Stewartby (1935)

John Stinstra (1708) Baptist vicar

Jim Storm (19--) Actor, (Bill_Bold & Beautiful)

Herman Strategier (1912) Dutch organist/composer/conductor

Monica Strömmerstedt (1939)

Pietro Antonio Tamburini (1589) Composer

Lori Tatum (1967) LPGA golfer

James Carl Tenney (1934) Composer

Elizabeth Thomas (1919) Literary consultant

Harry Thomas (1945) Dutch founder, (Schlager Festival Gay Party)

Ralph Thomas, I (1915)

Era Bell Thompson (1906) [Dakota Dick], US actress, (Ebony),

Claude Thornhill (1909) Composer

Arne Tiselius (August 10, 1902 -- October 29, 1971) Swedish biochemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1948 for his work on electrophoresis and adsorption analysis.

Gino Torretta (1970) quarterback, (Heisman Trophy 1992, Seattle Seahawks),

Johanna E F G, (Bachigaloupi) Tourniaire (1888) Actress, (Saint Joan),

Tugboat (1956) [Fred Ottman], WWF wrestler

Daniel Gottlob Turk (1750) Composer

Barry Unsworth (1930) Novelist, (Pascali's Island)

Julann Vadnais (1972) Miss Maine USA, (1996)

Jose Teodor Vilar (1836) Composer

George Joachim Goschen Goschen (of Hawkhurst), 1st Viscount (August 10, 1831 -- February 7, 1907) British economist and administrator, who worked for both Liberal and Conservative governments in the late 19th century.

William Howe Howe, 5th Viscount (August 10, 1729 -- July 12, 1814) Commander in chief of the British Army in North America (1776-78) who, despite several military successes, failed to destroy the Continental Army and

Ray Walker, I (1904)

Alan Ward (1947) England cricket pace bowler, (1969_76)

Benjamin Ward (1926-____) He was the first black NYC police commissioner.

Carl Friedrich Weitzmann (1808) Composer

Richard Wells (1940) Chief Constable, (South Yorkshire)

Clarence Cameron White (1880) Composer

Gerald Williams (1966) New Orleans LA, outfielder, (NY Yankees),

Almroth Wright (1861) Yorkshire England, bacteriologist

Sir Almroth Edward Wright (August 10, 1861 -- April 30, 1947) British bacteriologist and immunologist best known for advancing vaccination through the use of autogenous vaccines (prepared from the bacteria harbou

William Lowndes Yancey (August 10, 1814 -- July 27, 1863) American southern political leader and "fire-eater" who, in his later years, consistently urged the South to secede in response to Northern antislaver OR MC, (Confederacy), died in 1863

Mohammed V ibn Yusuf (1909) King of Morocco, (1953, 1955-61),

Ryoko Yuui (1976)

Mikhail Mikhaylovich Zoshchenko (August 10, 1895 -- July 22, 1958) Soviet satirist whose short stories and sketches are among the best comic literature of the Soviet period.

Leopold Zunz (August 10, 1794 -- March 18, 1886) German historian of Jewish literature who is often considered the greatest Jewish scholar of the 19th century. He began (1819) the movement called Wis OR German scientist, (Synagogical Poetry)

Camillo Benso Cavour, conte di (August 10, 1810 -- June 6, 1861) Piedmontese statesman, a conservative whose exploitation of international rivalries and of revolutionary movements brought about the unification of It

and finally................

The one and only Liam Best (H)

Sir Calumn

Hardly any I've heard off :( Tiberius is pretty cool though :)

Girolamo Abos (1715) Composer

Chinua Achebe (1930 - ____) Nigerian novelist; He described how imposed Western values led to social and psychological disorientation of traditional African society; "Things Fall Apart," 1959.

William Ackerman (1949) Composer

Alice Adams (1930) Sculptor or us author

Johanna HC Albregt (1874) Dutch actress, (Dumb August)/wife of Henri Dons

Abraham Alewijn (1684) Dutch poet/playwright, (Puiterveense Helleveeg)

Allison Anders (1954)

Michael Arlen (November 16, 1895 -- June 23, 1956) British author whose novels and short stories epitomized the brittle gaiety and underlying cynicism and disillusionment of fashionable post-World War OR Armenia, English author, (An American Verdict)

John Arnold, I (1889)

Nnamdi Azikiwe (November 16, 1904) President of Nigeria (1963-66) and perhaps the figure who best typified southern Nigerian (and certainly Ibo) nationalism.

Nnamdi Benjamin "Zik" Azikiwe (1904) Politician

Sir Oswald (Ernald) Mosley, 6TH BARONET (November 16, 1896 -- December 3, 1980) English politician who was the leader of the British Union of Fascists from 1932 to 1940 and of its successor, the Union Movement, from 1948 until his

Eduard Bagritsky (1895) [Dzhubin], Russ poet/journalist, (South-West),

Oksana Baiul (1977) Ukraine, figure skater, (Olympic-gold-1994)

Chris Balderstone (1940) cricket batsman, (England, belated faced WI in 1976),

Pierre-Emmanuel-Albert Du Casse, Baron (November 16, 1813 -- March 15, 1893) French soldier and military historian who was the first editor of the correspondence of Napoleon.

Walter Baumgartner (1904)

Eugenio Beltrami (November 16, 1835 -- February 18, 1900) Italian mathematician known for his concepts of non-Euclidean geometry, especially his theories of surfaces of constant curvature.

Astrid SLT Bernadotte (1905) Queen of Belgium/Princess of Sweden

Alexander A Block (1880) Russian poet, (Dvenatsat) [NS=11/28]

Joep J P de Boer (1924) Dutch MP, (CDA)

Marcel Boereboom (1902) Belgian musicologist

Lisa Bonet (1967) SF, actress, (Cosby Show, Different World, Angel Heart)

Henri [Ferdinand M J] Bosco (1888) French author/poet, (Gogol)

John Bright (1811 - 1889) English politician, orator; He was active in the early Victorian campaigns for free trade and lower grain prices; co-founder of the Anti-Corn Law League.

Toni Brown (1938) US guitarist/singer/keyboardist, (Joy of Cooking)

Frank Bruno (1961) British boxer, (European champ)

Daws Butler (1916) Toledo OH, animation voice, (Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound)

Bert Cameron (1959) Spanish Town Jamaica, 4X400m relayer, (Olympic-silv-1988),

Carlo Antonio Campioni (1720) Composer

Jason Carthen (1970) WLAF linebacker, (Rhein Fire)

Tricia Cast (1968) Actress, (nina-young & restless)

Eddie Castrodad (19--) Actor, (Alan_Dads)

Shirvani Chalayev (1936) Composer

Jean Chardin (November 16, 1643 -- December 25, 1713) French traveler to the Middle East and India.

Michael Cimino (1943)

Frederick Scotson Clark (1840) Composer

Luis Cluzeau-Mortet (1889) Composer

Chi Coltrane (1948) US pianist/singer

Eddie Condon (1904) Goodland Ind, jazz guitarist, (Eddie Condon's Floor Show)

August Croegaert (1889) Flemish liturgist

Francis Danby (1793) Irish painter

Royal Dano (1922) NYC, actor, (Red Badge of Courage, Cocaine Wars, House II)

Leon Daudet (1868-1942)

Lawrence Dawsey (1967) NFL wide receiver, (Tampa Bay Bucs)

Glen Edward Day (1965) Mobile AL, PGA golfer, (1994 Anheuser-Busch-2nd),

Mike Devlin (1969) NFL guard/center, (Buffalo Bills, Cardinals),

Thorold Dickinson (1903)

Hugo Dittberner (1944) Writer

Anatoly Fyodorovich Dobrynin (November 16, 1919) Soviet diplomat, ambassador to the United States (1962-86), and dean of the Washington, D.C., diplomatic corps (1979-86).

Gualtherius "Wouter" van Doeveren (1730) Zealand_Flanders physician

Otto Donner, I (1939)

Carlos Dougherty, I (1895)

Elizabeth Drew (1935 - ____) US journalist, commentator; She has been a writer with the "New Yorker" magazine since 1973.

Guillaume Dumanoir (1615) Composer

Sonny Dunham (1914)

Carl-Åke Eriksson (1934)

Ebrahim Essop-Adam (1968) Cricketer, (one odi for zimbabwe 1992)

Luigi Facta (November 16, 1861 -- November 5, 1930) Italy's last prime minister before the fascist leader Benito Mussolini gained power (Oct. 31, 1922).

Lauritz Falk (1909)

Michael Faustino (1979) Actor, (brother of David)

Adolph Faylauer (1882)

Chuck Finley (1962) Pitcher, (Angels)

Aloys-Henri-Gerard Fornerod (1890) Composer

Louis-Honore Frechette (November 16, 1839 -- May 31, 1908) Pre-eminent French-Canadian poet of the 19th century, noted for his patriotic poems.

Philip Frohman (1887) US architect

Gustaf Färingborg (1908)

Clinton Golden (1888) Penn, founder, (United Steelworkers of America),

Dwight Gooden (1964) Tampa FL, pitcher, (NY Yankees, NY Mets)

Roberto Guerrero (1958) Medelin Colombia, Indy racer, (Rookie of Year 1984),

Clu Gulager (1928) Holdenville Okla, actor, (Virginian, Survivors, Tall Man)

François Hainl (1807) Composer

Jonas Hallgrimsson (November 16, 1807 -- May 25, 1845) One of the most popular of Iceland's Romantic poets.

Martine van Hamel (1945) Brussels Belgium, ballerina, (NYC Ballet Co),

Charles Smith Hamilton (1822) Major General, (Union volunteers), died in 1891

Charles Jay Hammer (1944) Actor, (Fletcher Reade_Guiding Light)

Rumle Hammerich (1954)

W. C. Handy (1873 - 1958) US composer, singer; "The Father of the Blues" integrated the blues idiom into the then-fashionable ragtime; composed the classic "St. Louis Blues."

W.C. Handy (1873)

W[illiam] C[hristopher] Handy (1873) Alabama, jazz star, (St Louis Blues),

Chris Haney (1968) Baltimore MD, pitcher, (KC Royals),

Peter Andreas Heiberg (November 16, 1758 -- April 30, 1841) Danish poet, playwright, and militant spokesman for the radical political ideas generated by the French Revolution.

Marg Helgenberger (1958) North Bend Nebraska, actress, (China Beach)

Jules van de Heuvel (1854) Belgian lawyer/politician

Betty Hicks (1920) LPGA golfer

Frank Milton "Pete" Higgins II (1957) VP, (Microsoft Desktop)

Joel Hildebrand (1881-1983) Noted for classical work in solubility

Joel H. Hildebrand (November 16, 1881 -- April 30, 1983) U.S. educator and chemist whose monograph Solubility (1924; later editions, Solubility of Non-Electrolytes) was the classic reference for almost a hal

Alfred Hill (1870) Composer

Paul Hindemith (November 16, 1895 -- December 28, 1963) One of the principal German composers of the first half of the 20th century and a leading musical theorist. He sought to revitalize tonality, the syst OR Hanau Germany, composer, (Tutti F#ntchen)

Halliwell Hobbes (1877) Stratford-on-Avon Engld, actor, (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde)

Joan van Hoorn (1653) Gov_gen of Neth Indies, (1707_09)

Joe Hudepohl (1973) US, 800m freestyle relay, (Olympics-gold-96),

Thomas H(arper) Ince (November 16, 1882 -- November 19, 1924) Pioneer American motion-picture director, who was the first to organize production methods into a disciplined system of filmmaking.

Thomas Ingalsbe (1969) 238+ lbs, (108+ kg) US weightlifter, (Olympics-1996),

Aline Issermann (1948) Director, (amant magnifiquew)

Zina Garrison Carlos*son (1963) Houston Tx, tennis star, (1988/90 Wimbledon),

Gabriel Jongejans (1967) Dutch drummer, (Loïs Lane)

Kalakaua (November 16, 1836 -- January 30, 1891) King of Hawaii from 1874 to 1891.

Count Richard Coudenhove Kalergi (1894) Austrian politician

Egor Frantsevich Kankrin, Count (Graf) (November 16, 1774 -- September 10, 1845) Russian minister of finance (1823-44) under Nicholas I. An extreme fiscal conservative, he resisted most efforts to modernize the Russian state. He wa

Udo Kasemets (1919) Composer

George S Kaufman (1889) Pittsburgh Pa, playwright, (This is Show Business),

George S. Kaufman (1889 - 1961) US dramatist, journalist; "The Great Collaborator" wrote, with Moss Hart, many popular Broadway plays: "You Can't Take It with You," 1936; "The Man Who Came to Dinner," 1939.

Carlos Kenney (1886)

Jay Kerr (19--) Del Rio TX, actor, (Wizards & Warriors),

Cornelis J van der Klauw (1893) Dutch biologist/zoologist

Aleksandr Vasilyevich Kolchak (November 16, 1874 -- February 7, 1920) Arctic explorer and naval officer, who was recognized in 1919-20 by the "Whites" as supreme ruler of Russia; after his overthrow he was put to death b

Anton [Tom] Koolhaas (1912) Author, (Weird White)

Rodolphe Kreitzer (1766) France, composer/virtuoso violinist, (Paris Conserv),

Rodolphe Kreutzer (November 16, 1766 -- January 6, 1831) Composer and violinist, one of the founders of the French school of violin playing, and one of the foremost improvisers and conductors of his day.

Arthur B. Krock (November 16, 1886 -- April 12, 1974) Principal political writer and analyst for The New York Times for a generation (1932-66). Krock became famous for his calm analysis of U.S. political

Friedrich Wilhelm Kucken (1810) Composer

Richard Landry (1938) composer

Tammy Lauren (1969) SD Calif, actress, (Angie, Out of the Blue)

Ton de Leeuw (1926) Dutch composer

Barbara Leigh (1946) Ringgold Ga, actress, (Vampirella),

David Leisure (1950) Actor, (joe isuzu, airplane, charley-empty nest)

Winfred "Blue" Lovett (1943) US singer, (Manhattans_One Life to Live)

Aimable-Jean-Jacques Pelissier, DUKE (duc) DE MALAKOFF (November 16, 1794 -- May 22, 1864) French general who distinguished himself in the conquest of Algeria and was the last French commander in chief in the Crimean War.

Karel Hynek Macha (November 16, 1810 -- November 5, 1836) Literary artist who is considered the greatest poet of Czech Romanticism.

William Marsden (November 16, 1754 -- October 6, 1836) British historian, linguist, and numismatist, pioneer of the scientific study of Indonesia.

Mary Margaret McBride (1899) Paris Mo, radio personality, (WOR-AM, NYC),

Donna McKechnie (1942) Pontiac Michigan, actress/dancer, (Company),

Ann Dore McLaughlin (1941) US Secretary of Labor, (1987_ )

Carl J Meade (1950) Illinos, Major USAF/astronaut, (STS 38, STS 50, 64)

Frederik van der Meer (1904) Dutch archaeologist/art historian

Aleksandr Danilovich Menshikov (November 16, 1673 -- November 23, 1729) Prominent Russian political figure during and after the reign of Peter I the Great. A gifted general and administrator, he eventually became the most

(Oliver) Burgess Meredith (November 16, 1907) American actor and director, best known for stage, television, and motion-picture character roles.

Burgess Meredith (1908) Cleve Ohio, actor, (Mr Novak, Penguin-Batman, Rocky)

Lisa Brown Miller (1966) ice hockey forward, (USA, Oly-98),

Bruce Mitchell, I (1883)

Petronella Moens (1762) Frisian author/poetess

Nicholas Moore (November 16, 1918) One of the "New Apocalypse" English poets of the 1940s who reacted against the preoccupation with social and political issues of the 1930s by turning

Oswald Mosley (1896) Baron/british nazi

Gay "Mani" Mournfield (1963) English pop bassist, (Stone Roses)

Ernest Nagel (November 16, 1901 -- September 20, 1985) American philosopher noted for his work on the implications of science.

Tiberius Claudius Nero (11/16/-42) Roman emperor. OR 2nd emperor of Rome, (14-37)

Oleg Nikolayevsky (1922)

Mabel Normand (1894) [Muriel Fortescue], Boston MA, comedienne, (Mickey)

Charles Eliot Norton (November 16, 1827 -- October 21, 1908) American scholar and man of letters, an idealist and reformer by temperament, who exhibited remarkable energy in a wide range of activity.

Shifty Nowosielski (1966) Montreal Quebec, fencing epee, (Olympics-96),

David O'Sullivan (1944) NZ cricket left_arm spinner, (in 11 Tests 1973_76)

Marrit Ohlsson (1914)

Corey Allen Pavin (1959) Oxnard CA, PGA golfer, (1995 US Open),

Barbara Payton (1927) Cloquet MN, actress, (Dallas, Trapped, Bad Blonde)

Shifty Penn (1941) US songwriter/producer/gospel singer, (Out in Left Field)

George Petrie (1912) Actor, (Honeymooners)

Joanna Pettet (1944)

Joanna Pettit (1944) London, actress, (Knots Landing, Cry of the Innocent),

Martha Plimpton (1970) NYC, actress, (Goonies, Mosquito Coast)

Henry Potonié (1857) German paleo_botanist/geologist, (sapropelium)

Elpidio Quirino (November 16, 1890 -- February 28, 1956) Political leader and second president of the independent Republic of the Philippines. OR president of Philippines, (1949-53)

Steve Railsback (1948) actor, (Blue Monkey, Green Monkey, Escape 2000),

Daniel Read (1757) Composer

France-Albert Rene (1935) President of Seychelles, (1977_ )

Elliott Warren Rice (1835) Bvt Mjr General, (Union volunteers), died in 1887,

Luís Filipe Rocha (1947)

Barbara Romack (1932) LPGA golfer

Anton G Rubinstein (1829) Russian pianist/conductor/composer [OS]

Renate Rubinstein (1929) [Tamar], German/Ned's author/columnist, (Tamar),

Harry Rushakoff (1958) Rocker, (Concrete Blonde)

Pattie Santos (1949) Rocker

Jose Saramago (1922)

Paul Sartorius (1569) Composer

Edmund Schuecker (1860) Composer

Tim Scott (1966) Hanford Calif, pitcher, (Montreal Expos),

George Seldes (1890) Journalist

Etienne Pivert de Senancour (November 16, 1770 -- January 10, 1846) French author of Obermann (1804), one of several early 19th-century novels that describe the sufferings of a sensitive and tormented hero. Rediscovere

Sedrick Shaw (1973) Running back, (New England Patriots)

Shifty Shor (19--) NYC, actor, (Blue & Gray, Cagney & Lacey),

Suzi Simpson (1968) Athens Greece, playmate, (Jan, 1992)

Barbara Smith (1846 - ????) US editor, writer; She was co-founder and publisher of "Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press."

Robert Archibald Smith (1780) Composer

Howard Smothers (1973) NFL guard, (Phila Eagles)

Robert Soroko (1969)

James Southerton (1827) Cricketer, (Test debut in the 1st ever Test at 49)

Melvin Stewart (1968) US butterfly swimmer, (200m record)

Guy Stockwell (1933) NYC, actor, (Chris-Adventures in Paradise),

Vaclav Suk (1861) Composer

Carl Svensson (1980)

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (1965) Turin Italy, actress, (Normal People),

Lawrence Tibbett (1896) Bakersfield Calif, baritone, (Metropolitan 1923-50)

Tiberius (November 16, 42 BC -- March 16, 37) Second Roman emperor (AD 14-37), adopted son of Augustus, whose imperial institutions and imperial boundaries he sought to preserve. In his last years

Charles Thomas Biass Turner (1862) Cricketer, (the "Terror")

Burnet Corwin Tuthill (1888) NYC, composer, (Laurentia),

Eugeen Van de Velde (1883) Flemish musicologist/composer, (In Tempore Belli)

Jules(-Louis-Gabriel) Violle (November 16, 1841 -- September 12, 1923) French physicist who at Mont Blanc in the French-Swiss Alps made the first high-altitude determination of the solar constant (1875). A graduate of the

John Whiting (1917) British dramatist/actor, (Saint's Day)

Salli Wills (1979) Australia, gymnast, (Olympics-96),

Donald Wolf (1971) Computer game creator

Adam Robert Worton (1992) Newark DE, twin actor, (Baby's Day Out)

Jacob Joseph Worton (1992) Newark DE, twin actor, (Baby's Day Out)

Gunn Wållgren (1913)

Cornelis Evertsen the Younger (1642) Dutch buccaneer/lt admiral of Zeeland

Waqar Younis (1971) Cricketer, (brilliant Pakistani fast/swing bowler)

Richard C. Zimmerman (1965)

Lia Zoppelli (1920)

Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d'Alembert (1717) French philosopher/mathematician



The Legend
August 16

Tom Abernathy (1968)

Albert II (August 16, 1397 -- October 27, 1439) German king from 1438, king (Albert) of Hungary, king (Albrecht) of Bohemia, and duke (Albrecht) of Luxembourg. As a member of the Habsburg dynasty he

Troy Alexander (1971) CFL defensive tackle, (Saskatchewan Roughriders)

Henriëtte Amalia (1666) Monarch of Nassau_Dietz

Diego Barros Arana (August 16, 1830 -- November 4, 1907) Chilean historian, educator, and diplomat best known for his Historia general de Chile, 16 vol. (1884-1902; "General History of Chile").

Jimmy Arias (1964) Buffalo NY, tennis player, (US Davis Cup team),

Vicente Ascone (1897) Composer

Kevin Ayers (1945) England, progressive rocker, (Joy of a Toy),

Bob Balaban (1945) Chicago IL, actor/director, (2010, Girlfriends)

Robert Balaban (1945) Chicago, actor, (Absence of Malice, Altered States),

András Balczó (1938) Hungary, pentathlete, (Olympic-gold-1972),

Bret Barberie (1967) Long Beach CA, infielder, (Chic Cubs),

Carolina Nairne Nairne (of Nairne), Baroness (August 16, 1766 -- October 26, 1845) Scottish songwriter and laureate of Jacobitism, who wrote "Charlie Is My Darling," "The Hundred Pipers," "The Land o' the Leal," and "Will Ye No' Come

Sharunas Bartas (1964)

Benny Bartlett (1927)

Angela Bassett (1958) NYC, actress, (What's Love Got to Do With It)

Menachem Begin (1913) Israeli PM, (1977-83, Nobel 1978)

David Behrman (1937) Composer

Bruce Beresford (1940) Austral director, (Driving Miss Daisy, Tender Mercies)

Bernhard (August 16, 1604 -- July 18, 1639) Duke of Saxe-Weimar (Sachsen-Weimar), a politically ambitious Protestant general during the Thirty Years' War (1618-48). One of the most successful fi OR Germany, Prince, (Consort to Queen Juliana of

Ann Blyth (1928) Actress or mt kisko ny, actress, (kismet, mildred pierce)

J.R. Bookwalter (1966)

Saint John Bosco (August 16, 1815 -- January 31, 31) Pioneer in educating the poor and founder of the Salesian Order.

Alexander Uriah Boskovich (1907) Composer

Nadia Boulanger (1887 - 1979) French conductor, educator; She was the first woman to Conduct Boston Symphony and NY Philharmonic.

Jean de La Bruyère (1645) French author

Charles Bukowski (1920 - 1994) US author; He wrote "Post Office," 1971 and "Hollywood," 1989.

Ronald Montagu Burrows (August 16, 1867 -- May 14, 1920) British archaeologist whose excavations (1895-96) in western Greece, at P¡los (ancient Pylos, on the Coryphasium promontory) and the nearby island of

Frances (Mary) Buss (August 16, 1827 -- December 24, 1894) English educator, pioneer of women's education, and cofounder of the North London Collegiate School for Ladies (now North London Collegiate School for

Franz MT de Liage Böhl (1882) German/Dutch assyrologist/translator

Paul Smith Callaway (1909) Composer

James Cameron (1954) Kapuskasing Ontario, writer/dir, (True Lies, Titanic)

Joseph Bradford Carr (1828) Bvt Major General, (Union volunteers)

Charles Carson (1886) London England, actor, (Cry the Beloved Country)

Arthur Cayley (August 16, 1821 -- January 26, 1895) English mathematician who played a leading role in founding the modern British school of pure mathematics.

Roger Cedeno (1974) Valencia Edo Venezuela, outfielder, (LA Dodgers),

Edward Payson Chapin (1831) Brig General, (Union volunteers), died in 1863,

Pedro Chappé-García (1943) Havana, basketball player, (Olympic-bronze-1972),

Harry Cheshire (1891)

Bryan Chiu (1974) CFL defensive tackle, (Montreal Alouettes)

Gary Clark, I (1933)

Gary Clarke (1936) LA Calif, actor, (Hondo, Virginian, Michael Shayne),

Ben Coates (1969) NFL tight end, (NE Patriots)

Roque Cordero (1917) Panama, composer, (Sonata Breve),

Hasely Crawford (1950) Trinidad, 100m runner, (Olympic-gold-1976),

Robert Culp (1930) Berkley Calif, actor, (I Spy, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice)

Henry Winter Davis (August 16, 1817 -- December 30, 1865) Maryland unionist during the secession crisis, harsh critic of Abraham Lincoln, and coauthor of the congressional plan for Reconstruction during the A OR MC, (Union), died in 1865

Ted Drake (1912) Soccer star

Scott Dunlap (1963) Pittsburgh PA, Canadian Tour golfer, (1995 S Afr Masters),

George Eastman, I (1942)

Rosey Edeh (1966) London England, Canadian 400m hurdler, (Olympics-4-92, 96),

Krizstina Egerszegi (1974) Hungarian backstroke swimmer, (100/200m WR)

Dominic Erban (1956) French rugby international player

Bill Evans (August 16, 1929 -- September 15, 1980) American jazz pianist whose lush harmonies and lyrical improvisation so influenced other jazz pianists of the 1960s and '70s that it became the single OR US jazz pianist

John Farmer (1836) Composer

Suzanne Farrell (August 16, 1945) American dancer especially known for her performances with the New York City Ballet. OR Cincinnati, ballerina, (Don Quioxote)

Tim Farriss (1957) Australian pop guitarist, (INXS_Kiss the Dirt)

Gordon "Snowy" Fleet (1945) Merseyside, rock drummer, (Easybeats),

Harold Foster (1892) Cartoonist, (created "Prince Valiant")

Betsy von Furstenberg (1935) Nelheim Ger, actress, (Machine Calls it Murder),

Jane Gail (1890)

Carolus Gallus (1550) [Karel de Haan], Dutch lawyer/pastor/vicar

Lorraine Gary (1937) NYC, actress, (Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 4)

Zinovii Genzer (1927)

Hugo Gernsback (August 16, 1884 -- August 19, 1967) American inventor and publisher who was largely responsible for the establishment of science fiction as an independent literary form. Omar Said Tjokro OR sci-fi writer, (1960 Hugo)

Frank Gifford (1930) Calif, NFL halfback, (NY Giants)/ABC sportscaster

Kathie Lee Gifford (1953) Paris Fla, hostess, (Live with Regis & Kathie Lee)

Anita Gillette (1936) Balt Md, actress, (Quincy ME, Marathon, Moonstruck)

Jan van Ginkel (1933) Graphic artist/publisher, (Perscombinatie)

Loris Gizzi (1899)

Eddie Goines (1972) NFL wide receiver, (Seattle Seahawks)

Mahes Goonatillake (1952) Cricketer, (Sri Lankan keeper in their 1st 5 Tests)

Eydie Gorme (1932) [Edithe Gormezano], Bronx NY, singer, (Bossa Nova)

Jacinto Guerrero (1895) Composer

Ralph Barker Gustafson (August 16, 1909) Canadian poet whose work shows a development from traditional form and manner to an elliptical poetry that reflects the influence of Anglo-Saxon verse

Albrecht II von Habsburg (1397) King of Bohemia/Hungary/Germany

Adrian Hardy (1970) NFL cornerback, (Cin Bengals)

Lord Hawke (1860) cricketer, (England batsman 1890's, many official posts),

Barry Hay (1948) Singer/fluitist/saxophonist/guitarist, (Golden Earring)

Dena Head (1970) WNBA guard, (Utah Starzz)

Wilco Hellinga (1970) Soccer player, (SC Heerenveen)

Carl Henkel (1969) Torrance Calif, beach volleyballer, (Olympics-96),

Xavier Hernandez (1965) Port Arthur TX, pitcher, (Houston Astros),

Georgette Heyer (1902) England, novelist, (Friday's Child),

Al Hibbler (1915) Singer, (Unchained Melody)

Karl L Hoschna (1877) Composer

Ted Hughes (August 16, 1930) English poet whose most characteristic verse is without sentimentality, emphasizing the cunning and savagery of animal life in harsh, sometimes disjun OR England, poet laureate, (1984- )

Michael F. Huse (1957)

Joe Hutton (1923) Northumbrian piper/shepherd

Timothy Hutton (1960) Malibu Calif, actor, (Turk 182, Ordinary People)

Laura Innes (1960) Actress, (dr kerry weaver-er)

Willie Carlos*son (1971) NFL wide receiver, (Carlos*sonville Jaguars)

Diana Wynne Jones (1934) UK, sci-fi author, (Drowned Ammet, Witch Week),

Franz Josef II (1906) Prince of Liechtenstein, (1938_89)

Francis Joseph II (August 16, 1906 -- November 13, 1989) Liechtenstein prince who built the . . .

Helena Kara (1916)

Saif Ali Khan (1970)

Frederic Stanley Kipping (August 16, 1863 -- May 1, 1949) British chemist who pioneered in the chemistry of silicones, organic derivatives of silicon.

Eddie Kirkland (1928) Jamaican/US blues guitarist, (Have Mercy)

Marga AM Klompé (1912) 1st Netherland woman elected minister

Oleg Grigoryevich Kononenko (1938) Russia, cosmonaut

Reiner Kunze (1933) Writer

Jean de LaBruyere (1645 - 1696) French philosopher, writer; "The Theophrastus of France" wrote social satire on characters of Theophraste, 1688.

Jules Laforgue (August 16, 1860 -- August 20, 1887) French Symbolist poet, a master of lyrical irony and one of the inventors of vers libre ("free verse"). The impact of his work was felt by several 20t OR Uruguay, French poet, (Les Complaintas)

Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar (August 16, 1798 -- December 19, 1859) Second president of the Republic of Texas.

Donovan Leitch (1968)

Donovan Leitch, Jr (1968) Actor/musician, (I Shot Andy Warhol)

Ketty Lester (1934) [Revoyda Frierson], US singer/actress, (Love Letters),

Nick Leyva (1953) Baseball manager, (Phillies 1988_91)

Jon Lindbergh (1932) 2nd son of aviator Charles Lindbergh

Gabriel Lippmann (August 16, 1845 -- July 13, 1921) French physicist who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1908 for producing the first colour photographic plate. He was known for the innovations OR French physicist

Lucien Littlefield (1895) San Antonia Tx, actor, (Mr Beasley-Blondie)

Gary Loizzo (1945) Chicago IL, rock guitarist, (American Breed),

Louis E Lomax (1922) Author

Ryan Longwell (1974) NFL kicker, (Green Bay Packers_Superbowl 31)

Eric van der Luer (1965) Soccer player, (Roda JC)

Jose Luis (1958) Clerc Argentina, tennis star

Bernard MacFadden (1868) publisher, (Physical Culture, True Romances),

Madonna (1958 - ____) US singer, actress; Her controversial image and works have included the album "Like a Virgin," the book, "Sex," and the movie "Evita," 1996.

Heinrich August Marschner (August 16, 1795 -- December 14, 1861) Composer who helped establish the style of German Romantic opera. OR composer

Justus van Maurik (1846) Dutch cigar manufacturer/writer/editor, (Groene)

Quinton McCracken (1970) Wilmington NC, outfielder, (Colorado Rockies),

Brian McDonough (1965) Long Beach Calif, points cyclist, (Olympics-19th-96),

Crystal McKellar (1976)

Todd McNair (1965) NFL running back/kick returner, (Houston Oilers)

George Meany (August 16, 1894 -- January 10, 1980) U.S. labour leader, president of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) from the time of merger of the two un OR NYC, labor leader, (headed AFL-CIO)

Pierre (-Francois-Andre) Mechain (August 16, 1744 -- September 20, 1804) French astronomer and hydrographer who, with Jean Delambre, measured the meridian arc from Dunkirk, Fr., to Barcelona. The measurement was made betwee

Wim Meijer (1939) Dutch MP, (pvda)

John Meulendijks (1942) Dutch cryptogram maker, (People's Daily)

Mirta Miller (1948)

Genda Minoru (August 16, 1904 -- August 15, 1989) Japanese naval officer and politician who was chosen by Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku to draft the plan for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor (in Oahu Is

Carol Moseley-Braun (1947 - ____) US politican, lawyer; She was the first black woman to be seated in the U.S. Senate.

Mufasir-ul-Haq (1944) cricketer, (Pakistan left-arm quick, 1 Test),

Dick Murdoch (1947)

Julie Newmar (1935) Hollywood Calif, actress, (Catwoman-Batman, Living Doll)

Antonio Nobre (August 16, 1867 -- March 18, 1900) Portuguese poet whose verse marked a departure from objective realism and social commitment to subjective lyricism and an aesthetic point of view.

António Nobre (1867) Portuguese poet, (Lonely)

Caitlin O'Heaney (1953)

Catlin O'Heaney (1953) Whitefish Bay Wisc, actress, (Snow White-Charmings),

Christopher Okigbo (August 16, 1932 -- 1967) African poet who is considered to be one of the finest ever produced by Nigeria.

Ed Olczyk (1966) Chicago, NHL center, (Winnipeg Jets),

Adrian S Oppenheim (1884) Dutch lawyer/adviser, (British Petroleum/Shell)

Zakhary Petrovich Paliashvili (1871) Composer

Tullio Pandolfini (1914) Italy, water polo, (Olympic-gold-1948),

Fess Parker (1925) Fort Worth Texas, actor, (Davy Crockett, Old Yeller)

Shimon Peres (1923 - ____) Israeli political leader; He served as prime minister of Israel, 1984-86; in 1993; as foreign minister, he helped negotiate a peace accord with Yasir 'Arafat.

Jeff Perry (19--) Actor, (Harvey Leek_Nash Bridges)

Henry Constant Gabriel Pierné (1863) Metz France, composer, (Edith),

Stefan Boleslaw Poradowski (1902) Composer

Nigel Redman (1964) English rugby international player

Michael Reed (1972) NFL cornerback, (Carolina Panthers)

Robert Ringling (8/16/1897) Circus master. Or circus master

Philipp Jakob Riotte (1776) Composer

Pierre H Ritter, Jr (1882) Dutch literary/head, (Utrecht Newspaper)

Joseph Robinson (1816) Composer

Gianna Rolandi (1952) NYC, soprano, (Der Rosenkavalier),

Stuart A "Smokey" Roosa (1933) Durango Colo, Col USAF/astronaut, (Apollo 14),

Stuart A(llen) Roosa (August 16, 1933 -- December 12, 1994) U.S. astronaut, participant in the Apollo 14 mission (Jan. 31-Feb. 9, 1971), in which the uplands region of the Moon, 15 miles (24 kilometres) north o

Valeri V Ryumin (1939) cosmonaut, (Soyuz 25, 32),

Becky Delos Santos (1969) Boston Mass, playmate, (April, 1994),

Ferdinand C S Schiller (1864) British philosopher, (Riddles of the Sphinx)

E. F. Schumacher (1911 - 1977) Engish economist, write; He wrote "Small in Beautiful," 1973 and "A Guide for the Perplexed," 1977; his works fused economic philosophy and Christian and Buddhist theology.

Emile A H Seipgens (1837) Dutch priest/beer brewer

Carol Shelley (1939) London, actress, (Gwendolyn Pidgeon-Odd Couple),

Carole Shelley (1939)

Terry Shumpert (1966) Paducah KY, infielder, (Chic Cubs),

Charles Sanford Skilton (1868) Composer

Lester Smith (1970) CFL safety, (Toronto Argonauts)

Bill Spooner (1949) Rock guitarist/vocalist, (Tubes)

Amos Alonzo Stagg (August 16, 1862 -- March 17, 1965) U.S. college football coach who had the longest coaching career--71 years--in the history of the sport. In 1943, at the age of 81, he was named colleg OR football pioneer, inventor, (tackling dummy)

John Standing (1934) London England, actor, (Edward-Lime Street),

Wendell Stanley (1904) biochemist, 1st to crystallize a virus, (Nobel 1946),

Wendell Meredith Stanley (August 16, 1904 -- June 15, 1971) American biochemist who received (with John Northrup and James Sumner) the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1946 for work in the purification and crystall

Christianus Schotanus à Sterringa (1603) Frisian theologist/historian

Glenn Strange (1899) Weed NM, actor, (Sam the Bartender-Gunsmoke)

Bunta Sugawara (1933)

Tokuko Sugiyama (1926)

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinov (August 16, 1848 -- February 2, 1926) Russian general and minister of war who was largely responsible for Russia's premature and unprepared entry into World War I.

Eric Swann (1970) NFL defensive tackle, (Arizona Cardinals)

Ed van Thijn (1934) (Jewish) Dutch foreign min/mayor, (Amsterdam, 1983-94),

Jeff[rey R] Thomson (1950) Cricketer, (great Aussie fast bowler 1972_85)

Michael Thornberry (1972) Virginia Beach Va, team handball circle, (Oly-1996),

Marion A Trabert (1930) Tennis champ, (US Open_1953)

Tony Trabert (1930) Tennis pro, (1955 Wimbeldon)

Sam Trimble (1934) Cricketer, (queensland bat, 12th man for aust, no test)

Matt Vanderbeek (1967) NFL linebacker, (Washington Redskins)

Reginald VelJohnson (1952)

Reginald Veljohnson (1952) actor, (Carl Winslow-Family Matters, Die Hard),

Jean Aime Vernier (1769) Composer

Bengt Virdestam (1931)

Tsjerk H de Vries (1622) Fleet guardian

Colleen Walker (1956) Carlos*sonville FL, LPGA golfer, (1988 Mazda Champions),

Lesley Ann Warren (1946) NYC, actress, (Cinderella, Mission Impossible)

Leslie Ann Warren (1941) actress

Zach Wiegert (1972) Tackle, (St Louis Rams)

Nigel Williams (1971) CFL receiver, (Montreal Alouettes)

Rumer Willis (1988) Child of bruce willis & demi moore

Peter "Jeff" K Wisoff (1958) Norfolk VA, PhD/Astronaut, (STS 57, 68, 81/84),

Wilhelm Wundt (August 16, 1832 -- August 31, 1920) German physiologist and psychologist who is generally acknowledged as the founder of experimental psychology. OR German physiologist/psychologist/philosopher

Frederick of York (1763) English duke/bishop of Osnabrück

Dick Zimmer (1944) (Rep_R_New Jersey)

Felicia Zimmermann (1975) Rochester NY, fencer-foil, (Olympics-96),

Jean-Henri Merle d'Aubigne (August 16, 1794 -- October 21, 1872) Swiss Protestant minister, historian of the Reformation, and advocate of Evangelical (Free Church) Christianity.


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lol me:

Yasir 'Arafat (August 24, 1929) Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) from 1968 and leader of Al-Fatah (largest of the constituent PLO groups). In 1993 he led the P


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August 20th

51. Connie Chung (1946) National newsanchor-nbc or tv news anchor, (nbc, cbs)
Oh, dear God help me :|

93. Isaac Hayes (1942) Covington TN, composer, (Shaft)
The voice of Chef from South Park! :D

109. Don King (1931) Boxing promoter, shocking hairstyle [or dec 6]

Gerrard 17

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well then..... I can be Storm from X-Men (Halle Berry version of course :hump: :hump: ), also a lesbian that likes to pleasure herself :confused:


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September 6th

Sandra Natasha Abreu (1971) Miss Universe_Dominican Republic, (1996)

Dave Bargeron (1942) NYC, rocker, (Blood, Sweat & Tears),

John Dalton (1766-1844) British chemist and physicist who developed the atomic theory of matter and hence is known as one of the fathers of modern physical science. OR English physicist, developed atomic theory of matter

Anton Diabelli (September 6, 1781 -- April 7, 1858) Austrian music publisher and composer best known for his waltz, or lSndler, on which Beethoven wrote his 33 variations for piano (Diabelli Variations, OR Austria publisher/composer

Teri Diver (19--) XXX actress, (Hard Rider, Doin' It Up!),

Joseph P. Kennedy (1888 - 1969) US financier, diplomat; He was the self-made millionaire who founded the Kennedy political dynasty; was ambassador to Great Britain, 1937-40.

Jimmy Reed (1925) Mississippi, blues singer, (Soulin', Big Boss Man),

Pal Waaktaar (1961) Oslo Norway, rock guitarist/vocalist, (A-ha),

Emerson Whithorne (1884) Composer

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the U.K. No.1 on the 6th September 1982 was... Eye Of The Tiger by

the U.S. No.1 on the 6th September 1982 was... Abracadabra by
The Steve Miller Band

Born on 6th September in ....

1944 Roger Waters
vocals, bass, Pink Floyd, left in 1985, 1973 US No.1 & UK No.2 album 'Dark Side Of The Moon', spent a record breaking 741 weeks on the US chart.

1958 Douglas Trendel
Buster Bloodvessel, Bad Manners, 1981 UK No.3 single 'Can Can'.

1961 Pal Waaktaam
A-Ha, 1985 US No.1 single 'Take On Me, 1986 UK No.1 single 'The Sun Always Shines On TV'.

1971 Delores O'riordan
The Cranberries, 1994 UK No.14 single 'Linger'.

1974 Nina Persson
vocals, The Cardigans, 1997 UK No.2 single 'Lovefool'.

1980 Kerry Elizabeth
vocals, Atomic Kitten, 2002 UK No.1 single 'The Tide Is High'