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Brazilian league full licensed


Club Supporter
Hey guys, I've been working hard to learn modding, and all this effort is looking good. The mod is based on Brazil and its league and culture. It's going to be a tough work to edit all players in the league, but I'm excited. I'm creating this thread to update everything that is happening. Thanks for all help that I'm having of the comunity. My patreon if you want to support btw https://www.patreon.com/brasileiraomod (it's in portuguese, sorry).



Club Supporter
and will it be compatible with paulv2k4 mods with Unofficial License Patch AIO - Club World Cup ???


Club Supporter
Hi, it's me again! The mod is almost done, added minifaces for all players in the league, also added some actual ingame faces of my big friend Pedrofifa. Now, I just need to make small tweaks to be done, the next updates are going to be released in my twitter account, so follow me! I've just created 5 minutes ago, so, check it and give me cookies! https://twitter.com/peeboy003