Callum's faces


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Finally someone who is making young players for the career mode.
There are a few that I would suggest on top of your list and those are:
And here are the best photos I found. If anyone has more, please add them.
These are really young players that in career mode can be played from start to end.
And of course, Thiago Almada
could you possibly do mediafire? zippyshare is banned in my country


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You have to think about the camera's angle and the way Silva is facing, his head is tilted slightly up in that so it changes the eyes, mouth and nose a lot. Callum's is actually really accurate. :)
thanks mate, not to mention he has very few good quality photo's out there with him only being 17


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Given the fact that for more than 3 years we had no hope to see any kind of modding regarding faces, all is a bonus from this point, any face is a big plus for the game and especially when we get a new face not just updates for existing ones.
I just hope we will see something of the sort in the future for stadiums too....