Can't do a clean install??


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I had a clean Fifa16, and I rewrote the db and loc folders with the ones converted from Fifa20, and regenerated. Naturally it screwed up the game, new team names/badges etc. were missing also most players faces were screwed, as well as kits for most teams.

Anyways, I have been trying to re-install a clean game, but it's just not happenning. I've deleted everything, even used multiple deep uninstall software, also deleted the fifa files in my documents. For some reason, all my attempts at doing a clean install end up with the kaput Fifa20 database. How can this happen? I change the db files, and nothing happens. And not just this, I tried installing scouser's FIP19, regenerated, applied the language fix, and in-game I still see the screwed up Fifa20 db.

I totally delete all the files and folders in my computer, yet I literally can't make a clean install. I was wondering whether there remains a residue somewhere around my system causing this? What should I do?

Thanks for any help.


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Install the game in a completely new folder then install the FIP 19 and then regenerate with FHL-BH-Editor. After that go to loc folder double click on LanguageDbfix.exe and you are done. Also if FHL-BH-Editor doesn't open, watch this video :