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Capela's boots


Reserve Team



Club Supporter
i have a question for you capela...some pages ago you have posted a HD versio of a boot, my question is how can i use it??????


Club Supporter
Hello I''m new

How do I install the boots?
Hello PES6 fans. I'm new to the game (I used to play fifa but PES seems to be a much better game). I'm a noob when it comes to edit PES6, please tell me
How do I install THIS WONDERFUL boots?...do I need a special program?
Please tell me I would really appreciate it thx :)


Reserve Team
gacon71017, i use photos of the boots and photoshop
matix375, you can either create a bootpack by using bootpack creator or you can insert the boots using the kitserver



Reserve Team
i'm going to college so i will no longer make boots
i'm officially retiring from bootmaking
just wanted to thank everyone who posted their kind comments in my thread


Youth Team
thanks for all the boots, hope you'll find time to come back later. Anyway, good luck with college life. Study hard!


Youth Team
Capela;1986224 said:

nice boots!!!!!

good work nothing but pure class.

i just have one question. how do you get rid of the spikes at the bottom of the shoes??? there not normal... they look evil loli heard it was a texture problem but i dont know

would you please help me???



Youth Team
you see i dont know how to do that...
as a matter of fact, i dont know how to even make a bootpack.
ive made a few faces and hairs before but never a boot

would you be willing to make me a bootpack please????

or any one???
it would be very nice of you.

Nike Vapor 4

Nike Total90 Laser
http://www.soccer.com/IWCatProductP..._Id=310707&Key_id=&SearchQuery=total 90 laser

Nike Air Legend FG

adidas Predator PowerSwerve

adidas F30.7 TRX

Lotto Zhero Gravity

PUMA v1.08 i

Umbro SX Valor

and rest you can fill with other shoes you want. but i really want a pack with all these in them

you any one be so kind to do that please???