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Cappo92 "Converting Faces"


Club Supporter
upload the link plz
its almost done it also comes with everyones face and all the new kits for season 2021 im just trying to make you guys happy so im going to make my own fourm
Thanks and if You can put River Plate's Kits. Thanks aga
Thanks and if You can put River Plate's Kits. Thanks again
everything will be posted here


Club Supporter
Capture (1).JPG

Here are Kepa and B.Mendy faces

Van gol

Club Supporter
hi bro thank for support!!
HEAD and EYES you must use blender programm and a head of fifa 14 as example is a difficult process you must search on forum a thread that explain how
HAIR you must use a converter on moddingway fifa 14 to fifa 15
HAIRLOD is not possible to convert you must put on your player a hairlod of another player of fifa 15 that have the same or similar hair cut
Can you just teach me how to fix the chest with blender ? The chest usually is out of the jersey after converting heads . I know how to import it into blender but after that i can not do anything , I searched on the search bar but i did not see any tutorial . i want to fix chest for these face , or Could you help me to fix it ?
The link is https://www.mediafire.com/folder/a7cafmlzhfwcg/need_to_fix_the_chest