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Career Mode Directx Error %100 Solution


Club Supporter
Hello friends. FIFA 18-19-20-21 was getting directx error in career mode in all of them. The error is due to the video news box. My Turkish patch maker friend did this to me for FIFA 20. (Complete newsbox and press conferences removed patch). Do we have a chance to make the files inside this patch file for 21? or our chance to open the fbmod file and get the files in it?

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Club Supporter
The same problem is present at 21. There is a patch for removing the news and interview for 20 in the file I will post below Download


Youth Team
1. you can go to My documents/fifa21/fifasetup.ini and choose between DIRECTX_SELECT = 0 (autoselect) or
DIRECTX_SELECT = 1 (directx11) or DIRECTX_SELECT = 2 (directx12).
2. currently frosty tools dont work for fifa 21.
3. you cant extract files from a fbmod (unless you know a program or method do decrypt it's encryption) so take it as a no for now.


Club Supporter
Method 1 doesn't work. Frosty I didn't know it wasn't working. Thank you for the answers. I hope the frosty comes out as soon as possible. The patch I said works because :)