Carricks Faces request - Five a side team


Do NOT give me Upton Park stadium.
Hello everyone

I have been meaning to ask this huge favour for a long time but havent had the necessary pictures to make my request!

I am hoping that a face maker could make the faces of my five a side team, we are called the 'Kaika Spitfires' (see our logo below!) and we play in a local league.

Team Logo

It would be a dream come true to have our faces in FIFA 2006, as i have already created the team in game.
Would a face maker be able to make our faces? Here are pictures of the five team members, including myself:

1. Mike Holt (Gk)

2. Andy Emms

3. Alan Roberts

4. Chris Nicholson

5. Mk Smith (Carrick - ME!!!)

I would appreciate ANY attempt by a face maker to do these faces, it would be so cool to have the faces in game
Seriously, i would be so grateful

Please consider it someone!
Many thanks,