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Changing the freekick taker during a match makes the game laggy


Do NOT give me Upton Park stadium.
Hey guys,

I have a very frustrating problem with FIFA 10 - the game generally runs very smoothly but when I change the freekick taker during the match it becomes laggy, the framerate is bad in certain parts of the pitch.

Does anybody have any idea as to how I might solve this problem? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks!


Club Supporter
Laggy while playing online? or having problems with the frame rate?

if you mean lower frame rates after switching kickers I'd suggest using either tune up utilities with turbo mode on, or XP smoker with the game boost option active, those two helped me with games like Lord of the rings battle for middle earth that has too many units moving around, it improved my frame rate for some good 20-30%, hope it helps.

P.S. also try closing every other program on the background like MSN and stuff like that, sometimes when you receive winks or stuff some games start getting slow somehow or try lowering the resolution of the game a bit and the quality until you feel comfortable with the look and frame rate.


Club Supporter
It never resulted in a penalty kick during testing, but we've occasionally ... impossible unless you're using the world's best free-kick takers. ... Of the extra gameplay modes, the memorial match keeps track of wins, losses.


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