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Hey friend Spider.
I'm not going to create a topic to say something, just a tip.
The people (moders) who develop kits, it would be cool, to work on Goalkeeper kits. All those that get generic in the FIFA Infinity patch.

Most of the kits are original, converted from EA's database, so here at GD there are tons of repetitive kits. Barcelona, Bayern, Inter, blablabla

But, entire leagues, such as Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey, among others, is an absurdity of incomplete kits, missing Goalkeeper, source sponsors and kitnumbers.

I don't understand why the community, which is expert in editing, doesn't become more of a unit, with the aim of leaving the patch comprehensively improved. I believe everyone around here will play Infinity 2023.

Let's see an example of what I'm referring to:
FC Augsburg (already owns a GK kit from EA). But, you made 3. Therefore, the modest German club will have 4.
While other teams, even historical ones from Europe, will be generic, with that horrible pajama kit.

It would be fantastic to create a thread around here for that purpose.
Convert kits from eFootball 2023, which has many licensed leagues containing up to a 3rd Kit. It's an idea. And, people, contribute with this material. Mainly because Soccergaming brings together people from all over the world.

I'm from Brazil. A lot for me, it's almost impossible to discover/obtain, due to the language.
Can you imagine getting kits from the Romanian League? lol
But, there must be some user from this beautiful country. I do not know...

To finish.
Those would be my ideas. I say this because you produce many different goalkeeper kits. Thank you and congratulations for your commendable effort.
The Vålerenga kit is so beautiful.
Mainly, in the body of the beautiful blonde girls in the crowd.:rofl:

say any teams that you want


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I can ask you to make these two sets for York City GK


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