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Classic Patch


Youth Team
Hello everybody, at first sorry for my bad english. My name is Cédric and i make a personal patch for fifa 13. The teams that I make are from world cup 1998, 2002, 2006 and euro 1996,2000 and 2004. I also make all the champions league finals since 1990 (for example ajax vs ac milan in 1995).

I 'm looking for people that are interrested to joign my project. If you have classic things like kits, faces, balls, adboards and mainly classic database it would be great.

If you can help me please reply me here or at [email protected]

Thanks a lot.

PS: That's not problem if you have classic things for fifa 12, I take too.With Creation studio 13 you can import players from fifa 12 database...


Reserve Team
No,we need classic players so bad,can you post your work now? I see many ppl requested classic players in this forum man,thank you !


Youth Team
It's the work that I have make...

World Cup 94:

- Germany 94: squad + kits OK
- Argentina 94: squad + kits OK
- Bulgaria 94: squad + kits OK
- Spain 94: squad + kits OK
- Italy 94: squad + kits OK
- Holland 94: sqaud + kits OK
- Roumania 94: only kits OK
- Belgium 94: only kits OK
- USA 94: only kits OK

EURO 96:

- England 96: squad + kits OK
- Germany 96: squad + kit OK
- Bulgaria 96: squad + kits OK
- Spain 96: squad + kits OK
- France 96: squad + kits OK
- Holland 96: squad + kits OK
- Italy 96: squad + kits OK

World Cup 98:

I have all the kits made for the patch World Cup 98 on FIFA 11. I have copied the stats of the fifa 11's database patch for France 98; Spain 98, Holland 98 and I must do the rest but transcribe stats make a log time and it's boring.

Euro 2000

-France 2000: squad + kits OK
-Holland 2000: squad + kits OK
- Italy 20020: squad + kits OK

World cup 2002

- Germany 2002 : squad + kits OK
- England 2002: squad + kits OK
- Brazil 2002: squad + kits OK
- South Korea 2002: squad + kits OK
- Danemark 2002: squad + kits OK
- Spain 2002: squad + kits OK
- Italy 2002: squad + kits OK
- Sweden 2002: squad + kits OK
- Turkey 2002: squad + kits OK

EURO 2004

All the squads are made, I took the kits from a euro 2004 patch for fifa 12 but they are not exactly the same that reality.

World Cup 2006:

- Germany 2006: squad + kits OK
- Brazil 2006: squad + kits OK
- France 2006: squad + kits OK
- Italy 2006: squad + kits OK
- Portugal 2006: squad + kits OK
- Czech Republic 2006: squad + kits OK

For the stadium

-World Cup 94:

El libertador looks like Rose Bowl and Soldier Field Chicago. Veltins Arena or FIFA 13 NEW generic looks like Pontiac Silverdome Detroit.

- EURO 96:

O Dromo stadium looks like old Wembley and we have Old Trafford, Anfield, Newcastle Stadium.

- France 98: We have Parc des Princes Paris, Stade Velodrome Marseille, Stade Gerland Lyon and Wembley looks like Stade de France.

- Euro 2000: We only have Amsterdam Arena

-World Cup 2002: Estadio del Artes looks like Saitama Stadium; Stadion Hanguk looks like other stadiums too.

-EURO 2004: Ethiad Stadium looks like Estadio Dragao Porto, and I have Estadio da Luz made by an other person.

- World Cup 2006: We have Olympiastadion, Allianz Arena, Imtech Arena, Signal Iduna Park, Mercedez Benz Arena made by an other person

I can make kits, jersey fonts, some faces textures but not 3d head model.


Youth Team



Youth Team

The patch looks very great. If you need help with the balls, I would like to join you.
I've already created the Adidas Roteiro for Euro 2004, so you could use that one.
Darxxx created the World Cup 2006 balls and Kurlboy made the World Cup 98 and Euro 2000 ball (ask them for permisson).


Reserve Team
this look great man,can you just up what you have now,maybe someone will help you to finish the rest,sad that i dont know how to do:( i would help what i can,thank you !


Youth Team
The boring thing to do is to trancribe database. For Example I took the world cup 98 patch for FIFA 11 and I must transcribe all player's stats to FIFA 13. I f you want to help me, you can take the WC 98 patch and trancribe it to a FIFA 12 database. With CREATION STUDIO I can Convert FIFA 12 database to FIFA 13.


Youth Team
I have created the Adidas Questra (World Cup 1994), Questra Europe (Euro 1996) Balls.
Since the World Cup 1998, 2006 and Euro 2000, 2004 already have been done, the only ball left to do is the Adidas Fevernova. I will try to do that one too.

Here the images:

Adidas Questra World Cup 1994:

Adidas Questra Europa V1:

Adidas Questra Europa V2:


Youth Team
first i want to congratulate you about that fantastic patch
second i made also my own patch about classic clubs and national teams but i don't know which files should i upload could u help me
third i am afraid of dying before seeing your fantastic work plz tell me when will we can download
if ican help u by anyway plz don't hesitate my friend


Youth Team
I do not know if the patch will be released one day because there is a lot of work and now I'm all alone to work on it but I can send you files if you wish. (kits or database)


Youth Team
I have 200 Classic players face, database etc.i can try to make 3d head.If someone help me to make face texture i can make lots of classic player.I made classic patch for fifa 11 and 12.

mamounet3105 if you want to send your database kits etc PM me. I can help you.


Senior Squad
Great idea, guys... Where is Poland 2002? :(
I try create faces for Polish players in next week :)