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Classic Patches 1924-2010


Club Supporter

can you help me ? i need special faces from a hand full of players (swartenbroeks, hans Schmidt, Jean haag, aaron pollitz, adolf jäger) having a moustache. this kind of beard is not available for fifa 13 :-(

anybody interested in making real faces for italy 1924 ? i would tell you the squad...


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On Sunday i will post the first screenshots of the 1924 patch and i try to create a patch via DB master and CM12.5. But i have no expierience with an installation-ex file. any experts here ? next project will be 1928 best 16 teams of the world
then 1930,34,36 and 38. also the canceled worldcups 42 and 46. Due to the war in Europe, the 42 worldcup was in Argentina and the 1946 should be hostet in a country, which did not enter into WW2, like portugal.

Some specials: New tactics (2-3-5, Danubian), some players with moustaches, no numbers on the back of the shirts, black referees, old boots and i try to modify the stadiums to lookmore historic


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Here the first screenshots



Club Supporter

i need beta-testers. has somebody interest to test it ?

i would send you the teams and players as exportfiles made with db-master 12 and the graphics in png / rx3 format.


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Shilton;3364392 said:
England-1924?! Good news!
Change this f.....g real history!!! :)

yes, they had a good team, not worldclass but solid..

of course you can change history of englands international football appearances. there a a lot black hours to correct on fifa13 (1950, 1954, 1958, 1962,1970,1974, 1978...)



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Shilton;3364554 said:
Would most like to 1986.
Goal "cocaine pig" - just my childhood trauma! :flog:

thanks to EA hand made goals are impossible in FIFA :-)

First goal was evil by Maradona, the second was divine... you remember also ?


Club Supporter

i would send you a disc by mail, if somebody is interested in the best national teams between 1924 & 1928. please write me an pn or e-mail if you want it and tell me your address, i will ship it for free. the disc contains the edited game folder of the fifa 13 game


Club Supporter

I can also help you with your patch... I can edit db (add players and their info), and also some graphics (shirts etc.)

Btw, i don't think it's a good idea to start with those 1924 teams. I mean, no one remembers it xD Maybe 1930 WC right away?


Youth Team
Hello everybody, at first sorry for my bas english. My name is Cédric and i make a patch for fifa 13. The teams that I make are from world cup 1998, 2002, 2006 and euro 1996,2000 and 2004. I also make all the champions league finals since 1990 (for example ajax vs ac milan in 1995).

I search people that are interrested to joign my project. If you have classic things like kits, faces, balls, adboards and mainly classic database it would be great.

If you can help me please reply me here or at [email protected]

Thanks a lot.