Classic Players Patch


Youth Team

is there another way to import these player's faces except CM as i only need the head models?
can i copy the textures to fifa folder? kindly explain


Youth Team

thanks for all classic players you made but i have a small problem and i need your help
all players are imported successfully except the below who has no head shown also CM 15 crashes when i try to view their heads
could you please check and feed me back or resend me all files related to this list:

vitor baia
fernando couto
patrick m'bouma
pierre wome
mehmet scholl


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this is great and i can import it successful
but i found a hair bug with Ronaldo and Maradona, they are no hair
can anyone fix it


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BANDO80;3807468 said:
I don't have any trouble with faces when i'm playing.
All the faces are already converted for fifa 15, if you look at the file "face_xxx_textures.rx3" the size is 854kb for all faces.

Hey, are you gonna do this patch for FIFA 16?


Youth Team
I m having an issue with some players Brehme Germany, Bergkamp, Laudrup, Schmeichel faces are green or blurred out is it something I have done? Most other players working fine


Reserve Team
I would download this patch but I don't know the password (I inserted :1 but is wrong) Could somebody help me?


Reserve Team
Hero81;3905348 said:
great patch!!!

hey sty!!!do u remember me???

Of course!! How I could forget my big face maker partner? That Mod was great!

These years I never stopped to edit Fifa10 on my own and I did many classic shirts, maybe in the next days I'll post some of these!


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hey, my game keep crushing when i want to run it (it does not even go to the language menu, it starts and after 2 seconds it crushes). I have done everything according to the instruction (and many different combination of regenerating, saving, expanding database etc) and results are every time the same. Could someone help me?


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hello BANDO80 I want to ask you to do that every head rx3 has been cut from 242 kb to what I'm about 14 out of 172 and I use yours in FIFA 16 to converted it