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Clean Sheet FIFA manager 14


Club Supporter
Hi guys,
I wonder if anyone can send me any feedback about this.
I enjoy playing FM14, but it's almost impossible for me to end a game without receiving at least a goal. The game simulation in these cases is very poor, since even when I'm basically dominating the match, even against greatly weeker teams, something unrealistic happens, i.e. 1) opponent player who slalom among 4/5 of my players and scores (perhaps the only attacking action in the entire match), 2) my defender just goes somewhere else for an instant leaving the opponent free to face my goalkeeper and score, 3) at some point an opponent winger makes a cross, offside does not work and opponent scores in the 2nd post. Almost every single match (let's say 95-97%) I end up receiving goals scored these ways, no matter which tactic I use or which defending trick I try.
I usually play 4-2-1-2-1 (so it's 6 defending players and 4 attacking, I like it because it allows me to play mostly on the sides) or 4-3-3 (which I found works better when playing against a team which uses a No.10, attacking midfielder behind the striker, since otherwise this player always has lots of free corridors in the middle).
Won 2 italian serie a titles in a row, by far best attack but one of the worst defences in both cases. To me it just doesn't make sense, and I play with an offenside attitude only when I'm losing and towards the end of the match (usually I switch between normal and defensive)
I also tried every kind of defending line (deep, normal, high), always play with strong commitment and none of my defenders have a level below 75 (even if this does not really matter as I discovered)
I would really appreciate any comment/suggestion