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Club Kits Quick Search 2008/2009

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Starting XI
Club Kits Quick Search

Kitmakers, please post a link here if you have made any listed team kit
-You can get this link by clicking on the # at the top right of your post-
.:comments goes into the kitmakers threads, this thread is to make it easier to find kits for teams in the best leagues:.
.:No Requests Here:.


Starting XI
Barclay's EPL 2008/2009

Arsenal - Full Pack: luces - Minikits: nevergiveup

Aston Villa - Full Pack: simo_yes - Minikits: nevergiveup

Blackburn Rovers - Minikits: nevergiveup

Bolton Wanderers - Full Pack: luces, simo_yes, cmc211 - Minikits: nevergiveup

Chelsea - Full Pack: pkbomb, HSVBalti - Home/Away: Al Pacino PT - 3rd/GK: Al Pacino PT - Minikits: nevergiveup - Mini Home: cmc211 - Mini Away: cmc211

Everton - Full Pack: simo_yes - Minikits: nevergiveup

Fulham - Full Pack: myx - Minikits: nevergiveup, Full Pack: LucianoCP

Hull City - Full Pack: simo_yes - Minikits: nevergiveup

Liverpool - Full Pack: simo_yes, Dimalinho & BlauGraner, luces (Sponsor), luces (Sponsorless) - Home/Away:Danny79 - Minikits: nevergiveup

Manchester City - Minikits: nevergiveup

Manchester United - Full Pack: simo_yes(EPL)+simo_yes(UCL), Al_Pacino_PT(EPL), Al_Pacino_PT(UCL), nobodyisperfect - Home: nobodyisperfect - Minikits: nevergiveup, myx

Middlesbrough - Full Pack: luces

Newcastle United - Home: Master Pi a Gi - Away: Master Pi a Gi

Portsmouth - Full Pack: avictorsn

Stoke City - Full Pack: samueljuarezf

Sunderland - Minikits: nevergiveup

Tottenham Hotspur - Full Pack: simo_yes, Tua, luces, BlauGraner & Dimalinho - Minikits: nevergiveup

West Bromwich Albion - Full Pack: simo_yes - Minikits: nevergiveup

West Ham United - Full Pack: samueljuarezf, BlauGraner & Dimalinho

Wigan Athletic


Starting XI
LFP La Liga BBVA 2008/2009

Almeria - Full Pack: Tuzox+minikits - Home/Away: Tua

Athletic Bilbao

Atletico Madrid

Barcelona - Full Pack: luces+update, Interista, nobodyisperfect, BlauGraner & Dimalinho, avictorsn

Deportivo La Coruña






Osasuna - Full Pack: Tuzox

Racing Santander

Real Madrid - Full Pack: luces, simo_yes, Carlos*son - Home/Away/GK: pkbomb - Home: wolff, nobodyisperfect - Away: nobodyisperfect

Recreativo Huelva

Sevilla - Full Pack: luces - Home: Danny79

Sporting de Gijon

Valencia - Full Pack: pkbomb - Home/Away: sraboninho

Valladolid - Full Pack: Tua

Villarreal - Full Pack: luces


Starting XI
Lega Calcio Serie A TIM 2008/2009


Bologna - Full Pack: crswind17 - Home: Dimalinho & BlauGraner

Cagliari - Full Pack: crswind17 - Home: Sinco69

Catania - Full Pack: crswind17

Chievo Verona - Full Pack: crswind17 - Home: DeViLl0o - Away: DeViLl0o

Fiorentina - Full Pack: crswind17 - Minikits: nevergiveup - Home: nobodyisperfect, Full Pack & Minikits: Pepis21

Genoa - Full Pack: crswind17

Internazionale - Full Pack: Interista (Serie A), Interista (UCL) - Home: loskatzato, Away: loskatzato - GK: Interista - Home/GK: nobodyisperfect

Juventus - Full Pack: Interista+minikits - Home/Away: Danny79 - H/A/GK: nobodyisperfect - Home: DeViLl0o - Third: DeViLl0o - GK: DeViLl0o, DeViLl0o - Minikits: DeViLl0o

Lazio - Full Pack: simo_yes - Home: Dimalinho & BlauGraner

Lecce - Full Pack: crswind17

Milan - Full Pack: pkbomb, Interista+Minikits - Home: loskatzato - Away: loskatzato - Third: loskatzato - GK: loskatzato - Minikits: nevergiveup

Napoli - Full Pack: avictorsn, crswind17, SGD_Fan

Palermo - Full Pack: crswind17, Dimalinho & BlauGraner - Home/Away/3rd: avictorsn

Reggina - Full Pack: crswind17

Roma - Full Pack: samueljuarezf, luces - Home: loskatzato

Sampdoria - Full Pack: crswind17, Danny79


Torino - Full Pack: crswind17

Udinese - Full Pack: luces+luces


Starting XI
T-Com Fußball-Bundesliga 2008/2009

Arminia Bielefeld

Bayern Leverkusen - Full Pack: HSVBalti

Bayern München - Full Pack: Marian19910_FD, luces - Home: Al Pacino PT - Away: Al Pacino PT - Home/Away: Al Pacino PT - GK: Al Pacino PT


Borussia Dortmund - Full Pack: Marian19910_FD, simo_yes

Eintracht Frankfurt - Full Pack: HSVBalti

Energie Cottbus

Hamburg - Full Pack: simo_yes, HSVBalti

Hannover 96

Hertha BSC Berlin

Hoffenheim - Full Pack: Marian19910_FD, Tua



Mönchengladbach - Minikits: cmc211

Schalke 04 - Full Pack: luces

Stuttgart - Full Pack: wolff, HSVBalti

Werder Bremen

Wolfsburg - Home Mini: cmc211


Starting XI
Liga Sagres 2008/2009



Benfica - Full Pack: DeViLl0o

Sporting de Braga

Estrela da Amadora




Naval 1º de Maio

Paços de Ferreira

Porto - Full Pack: Al Pacino PT

Rio Ave

Sporting CP - Home: Al Pacino PT


Vitória de Guimarães

Vitória de Setúbal


Starting XI
Major League Soccer 2008

New England Revolution - Full Pack: hjbs

Columbus Crew

Chicago Fire

Real Salt Lake - Home: hjbs - Away/GK: hjbs

Los Angeles Galaxy - Full Pack: Interista+Minikits

D.C. United - Full Pack: hjbs

Chivas USA - Full Pack: hjbs

Toronto FC - Home/Away 09: hjbs

Kansas City Wizards

Colorado Rapids - Full Pack: hjbs - Home/Away 09: hjbs

New York Red Bulls - Full Pack: hjbs - Home/Away 09: hjbs

Houston Dynamo - Full Pack: hjbs - Home/Away 09: hjbs

FC Dallas - Full Pack: hjbs

San Jose Earthquakes - Full Pack: hjbs, Updated Home & Away: hjbs

Seattle Sounders - Home/Away: hjbs- GK: hjbs - Minikits: hjbs


Starting XI
Rest of the World 2008/2009


Boca Juniors - Full Pack: ·Sebas·

River Plate - Full Pack: josefs007

Corinthians - Away lucasfcarvalho, Home: lucasfcarvalho

Santos - Full Pack: Tua

América de Natal
- Full Pack: LucianoCP


Chivas - Full Pack: pkbomb

America - Full Pack: pkbomb

Pachuca - Full Pack: Tuzox

Cruz Azul - Full Pack: pkbomb


Celtic FC - Full Pack: simo_yes

Glasgow Rangers - Full Pack: samueljuarez

Galatasaray - Third: wolff(+Hacettepesbor H/A)


Fenerbahce - Full Pack: Dimalinho & BlauGraner, avictorns

GIF Sundsvall


AEK Athens - H/A/3rd: mogolos - GK: mogolos

Panathinaikos - Home: mogolos - Away/Third/GK: mogolos

Olympiacos - Home: mogolos - Away/3rd/4th: mogolos - GK: mogolos


Starting XI
hope you like it this time guys

as we talked on 08, i've added a "rest of the world" index
probably you're gonna complaint on why isn't my team there but i can't add the whole game as index coz you'll never completed (thou, i've might add a couple of teams to the list, but JUST A COUPLE, maybe three or five, but no more)

so, suggestions by pm, no requests here, and please join us with this index

hope you enjoy the game
and keep the fair play
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