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CONMEBOL 2005-10 (classic patch)


Youth Team
Hi, i don´t really know how to edit that much, or how to create kits at all, but i wanted to organise and invite the community to do one of the missing aspects of the
2000´s DB: Conmebol 2005-10. According to GIGGI, it wasn´t done because you cannot replicate a credible team that truly represents those five years (that´s true, America did become the market of Europe during that time) but i believe that, if you change the criteria a little bit (prefering impact over longevity), you can have a similar result, representing the best years of those teams during that 5 year stretch. In fact, it is something you can see with some players at the CP in different decades (ex. Ronaldo in Cruzeiro and Agüero in Independiente, players that barely played for those teams yet their impact was so significant they deserved to be on those teams).
Having said that, i would present a couple of questions for how to develop this project:
1-What criteria should be used? Since creating a consistent team that represents the period is impossible, i would suggest adding the most amount of players that were important during those years, the objective being to be able to recreate the most iconic starting XI´s of the era (ex. if you do Estudiantes LP, you should be able to use the starting XI of 2009 and 2006).
2-Which kits should be made? If importing from older patches is impossible (i believe there is a FIFA 07 patch that can help with Argentina), the kits from the best year of that period should suffice, only adding more kits if the team was successful in multiple years (ex. inter porto alegre, boca juniors).
3-Which period is going to be included? Since the idea is to represent the 05-06 to 09-10 season, i believe that you have to take into account from the Sudamericana 05 (played at the start of the 05-06 season) up to Copa Libertadores 10 (played at the end of the 09-10 season).

And the most important question:
Which teams should be created to have a complete CONMEBOL 2005-10 experience?

I would divide the criteria in three different aspects:
A- All teams that made the last 16 during those years.
B-All the national champions during that era that PLAYED Libertadores.
(Ps. For nations that don´t tend to have representatives in the last 16 and have a lot of champions, i would probably cut to the most important ones).
C- All Copa Sudamericana champions.

If we take that into account, that would leave us with the following teams:
ARGENTINA: Boca Juniors, Estudiantes de La Plata, River Plate, San Lorenzo, Lanus, Banfield, Velez Sardfield, Arsenal de Sarandi, Newell´s Old Boys.
BRAZIL: Corinthians, San Pablo, Flamengo, Palmeiras, Goiás, Internacional Porto Alegre, Santos, Gremio, Paraná, Cruzeiro, Sport Recife.
URUGUAY: Peñarol, Nacional, Defensor Sporting, Danubio.
CHILE: Colo-Colo, Everton, Universidad de Chile.
PARAGUAY: Cerro Porteño, Libertad, Nacional (Paraguay).
BOLIVIA: Bolivar, Real Potosí, (Universitario de Sucre, Aurora, Blooming).
PERU: Alianza Lima, Universidad San Martin, Universitario.
ECUADOR: Liga de Quito, El Nacional, Deportivo Quito, Deportivo Cuenca.
COLOMBIA: Atlético Nacional, Independiente Medellín, Santa Fe, Cúcuta Deportivo, Once Caldas, (america de Cali).
VENEZUELA: Caracas FC, Deportivo Táchira.
MEXICO (they used to play Libertadores during those years): Pachuca, Toluca, Guadalajara, Tigres, Necaxa, América, Atlas, (San luis, Atlante, Santos Laguna, UNAM, Monterrey).

( ): qualify for the criteria, don´t see them as necessary.


Youth Team
Those are certainly A LOT of teams, it really showcases how diverse the teams were during those years... I don´t know if GIGGI had a more restrictive approach, it would probably help to cut some teams from the list.


Youth Team
PS. I would try and make some of them (at least the basis of the roster)... most probably focus on Argentinian teams since i´m from there.


Club Supporter
Olá, estou fazendo um projeto para FIFA, Temporada Sul-Americana 2005/2006...

Tenho kits PES 2020, que vou converter para FIFA, ainda faltam 8 times brasileiros.

Tenho muito pouco tempo, mas posso ajudar repassando esses kits, só preciso convertê-los para FIFA (não sei como fazer, estou procurando um kitmaker)


Youth Team
Oí, como vai? É um prazer escutar que alguém tem interesse neste projeto! Como eu não tenho muitos conhecimentos sobre edição não desenvolvi nenhum time, mas ter coisas como kits/faces é necessário para motivar a comunidade.
Pergunta: você conhece onde posso falhar com a comunidade sul-americana? Obrigado pela sua atenção e ajuda.