Copa América 2007: Argentina vs. Colombia. [P+R]

El Diablo Rojo

Starting XI

Stadium: José Encarnación "Pachencho" Romero.
Capcity: 42,000.
Location: Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela.

Referee: Carlos Simon(BRA).
1st assistant: Ednilson Corona(BRA).
2nd assistant: Walter Rial(URU)
4th official: Jorge Larrionda(URU).
Kick-off: 9:50pm GMT -3.


Argentina - The same players that started against United States.
1- Roberto Abbondanzieri
8- Javier Zanetti
2- Roberto Ayala(c)
15- Gabriel Milito
6- Gabriel Heinze
20- Juan Sebastián Verón
14- Javier Mascherano
19- Esteban Cambiasso
10- Juan Román Riquelme
18- Leonel Messi
9- Hernán Crespo

Colombia - Not sure if it was confirmed or not.
1- Miguel Calero(c)
4- Gerardo Vallejo
2- Iván Ramiro Córdoba
3- Mario Yepes
5- Javier Arizala
15- John Viáfara
6- Fabián Vargas
9- Alvaro Domínguez
8- David Ferreira
11- Hugo Rodallega
7- Edixon Perea

This should be an interesting match, Colombia forced to win to have any chances after the 5-0, and Argentina will want to win to lead the group and Basile probably thinks about a revenge from the last time he faced Colombia as Argentina's coach, the famous 5-0 in 1993.

I predict a victory 2-0 for us, Argentina, Verón and Crespo to score.


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This is argentinas game, I doubt colombias defence will be able to duplicate what the U.S did. ANd by that I mean, holding back Messi and riquelme in the early game. But hey , I could be wrong...

Edit: The U.S game is on first.... just found out :(..... Wow am I off today


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not even a yellow? also Mach aint a good play acter he was down rolling on the ground in so much pain then when the ref decided not to book the player and play on he got up so fast to argue the call lol


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Moreira_Benfica;2354603 said:
not even a yellow?
he got a yellow.


no way :|

that could be at most an indirect fk

Crespo scores and gets injured :rofl: