Copa Sudamericana 2008


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Fase Preliminar

01.- Universidad Católica (CHI) vs Uruguay 2
02.- America de Cali (COL) vs UA Maracaibo (VEN)
03.- Ecuador 2 vs Universitario (PER)
04.- Blooming (BOL) vs Olimpia (PAR)

Primera Fase

01.- Peñarol o Defensor Sporting (URU) vs Libertad (PAR)
02.- Liga (ECU) vs Bolivar (BOL)
03.- Ganador 02 vs Deportivo Cali (COL)
04.- Ñublense (CHI) vs Sport Ancash (PER)
05.- Ganador 01 vs Ganador 04
06.- Aragua FC (VEN( vs Chivas (MEX)
07.- Ganador 03 vs San Luis (MEX)
08.- Arsenal (ARG) vs Concacaf 3
09.- Argentina 4 vs Estudiantes de La Plata (ARG)
10.- Argentina 3 vs San Lorenzo (ARG)
11.- Atlético Paranaense (BRA) vs Sao Paulo (BRA)
12.- Internacional (BRA) vs Gremio (BRA)
13.- Vasco da Gama (BRA) vs Palmeiras (BRA)
14.- Botafogo (BRA) vs Atlético Mineiro (BRA)

Octavos de Final (Adelante está el que será local en primer partido)

01.- Ganador 01 vs River Plate
02.- Boca Juniors vs Ganador 02
03.- Ganador 14 vs Ganador 03
04.- Ganador 04 vs Ganador 13
05.- Ganador 05 vs Ganador 12
06.- Ganador 06 vs Ganador 11
07.- Ganador 07 vs Ganador 10
08.- Ganador 09 vs Ganador 08

El Diablo Rojo

Starting XI
Now the bracket is complete since all the qualified teams have been revealed.

Qualifying round
QR1- River Plate(URU) vs. CD Universidad Católica(CHI)
QR2- UA Maracaibo(VEN) vs. América de Cali(COL)
QR3- Universitario(PER) vs. SD Quito(ECU)
QR4- Olimpia(PAR) vs. CSCD Blooming(BOL)

Frist round
FR1- Defensor Sporting(URU) vs. Libertad(PAR)
FR2- LDU Quito(ECU) vs. FC Bolivar(BOL)
FR3- Winner QR2 vs. Deportivo Cali
FR4- CD Ñublense(CHI) vs. Sport Áncash(PER)
FR5- Winner QR1 vs. Winner QR4
FR6- Aragua FC(VEN) vs. CD Guadalajara(MEX)
FR7- San Luis FC(MEX) vs. Winner QR3
FR8- Arsenal FC(ARG) vs. CD Motagua(HON)
FR9- Independiente(ARG) vs. Estudiantes LP(ARG)
FR10- Argentinos Juniors(ARG) vs. San Lorenzo(ARG)
FR11- Atlético Paranaense(BRA) vs. São Paulo FC(BRA)
FR12- SC Internacional(BRA) vs. Grêmio FBPA(BRA)
FR13- CR Vasco da Gama(BRA) vs. SE Palmeiras(BRA)
FR14- Botafogo FR(BRA) vs. Atlético Mineiro(BRA)

Round of 16
SR1- Winner FR1 vs. River Plate(ARG)
SR2- Boca Juniors(ARG) vs. Winner FR2
SR3- Winner FR3 vs. Winner FR14
SR4- Winner FR4 vs. Winner FR13
SR5- Winner FR5 vs. Winner FR12
SR6- Winner FR6 vs. Winner FR11
SR7- Winner FR7 vs. Winner FR10
SR8- Winner FR8 vs. Winner FR9

And this Tuesday is the kick-off of the qualifying round.

Tuesday 29/7
River Plate(URU) vs. CD Universidad Católica(CHI)

Wednesday 30/7
Universitario(PER) vs. SD Quito(ECU)

Thursday 31/7
UA Maracaibo(VEN) vs. América de Cali(COL)

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Thank God people like izzix and Diablo Rojo belong to this forum, for a minute there I though nobody knew the Sudamericana was taking place.

Today "MY" Defensor Sporting takes the field against Libertad. Aqui esta la probable alineacion...

DEFENSOR SPORTING: Martín Silva; Pablo Pintos, Alejandro Acosta, Mario Risso, Damián Suárez; Julio Marchant, Pablo Gaglianone, Miguel Amado, Diego De Souza; Ederson Fofonka y William Ferreira. Entrenador: Jorge Da Silva.

Anybody got predictions???, the last Libertadores I had a good feeling about LDU de Quito & Flu and sure enough both faced each other in the final. However in this Sudamerica I have absolutely no clue since we don't have the group stages where we can get an idea of how the teams are performing.

Claro que mi gallo es River. (H)

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
COPA SUDAMERICANA 2011 (the other half of the glory)

I'd like to recourse this thread in order to post concerning the current tournament which began a few weeks ago. Respecting the comparisons, Sudamericana is the equivalent of the UEFA Cup as Libertadores is to Champions L. A difference I see is that although Libertadores is supposed to have the champions and top finishers, very often we see top clubs also partake in the Sudamericana. The Boca Jr.'s, Colo-Colo's and Independiente's as well as other premier clubs, year in-year out revitalize the passion lived in this cup attracting as much interest as the more prestigious Libertadores. You could say this tourney has a special ingredient, in that smaller clubs sometimes upset highly favored teams throughout the competition. The perfect example is the '06 final when Pachuca won it going into Santiago facing Colo-Colo and their young talents Matias Fernandez, Humberto "Chupete" Suazo, and a 17-year old wiz kid Alexis Sanchez, a name the entire world is now very familiar with.

So yeah, if you love this sport as much as I do, keep attent. Participate lads, I'm willing to answer your posts to the best of my knowledge, and I'm sure there are others here who can assist me.

For the competition lay-out you can find it on Wikipedia, Fox Sports, ESPN ect. I will be posting the round of 16 in due time...

BTW, some of the BIG teams taking part this year are Vélez Sarsfield, Estudiantes, Nacional (URU), U. de Chile, Emelec, Olimpia, Flamengo, and São Paulo. Mexican teams don't participate anymore cause it was too many games for our busy calendar, what a bummer.

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
1 Vélez Sarsfield v Argentinos Jrs.
2 Nacional (URU) v Universidad de Chile
3 Palmeiras v Vasco da Gama
4 Libertad v La Equidad
5 Universitario v Deportivo Anzoátegui
6 Estudiantes v Arsenal
7 Deportivo Cali v Santa Fe
8 Botafogo v Atlético Mineiro
9 Emelec v Olimpia
10 Godoy Cruz v Lanús
11 Trujillanos v LDU Quito
12 São Paulo v Ceará
13 Aurora v Nacional (PAR)
14 Atlético Paranaense v Fluminense
15 Deportes Iquique v Universidad Católica

Teams in bold have already advanced, and Independiente (defending champ) will be playing the winner of Trujillanos/Quito.

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Who neg-repped me for posting about the Sudamericana? WTF??? SERIOUSLY.

1Vélez Sársfield vs. 16Universidad Católica
8Santa Fe vs. 9Botafogo
5Independiente vs 12LDU Quito
4Libertad vs. 13São Paulo
2Universidad de Chile vs. 15Flamengo
7Arsenal vs. 10Olimpia
6Universitario vs. 11Godoy Cruz
3Vasco da Gama vs. 14Aurora

Aurora haven't made a name for themselves, the rest are excellent matchups.

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Vasco da Gama 1 - 1 Universidad de Chile
L.D.U. Quito 2 - 0 Vélez Sarfield

2nd Leg will be played next week and we'll have the 2 finalists. Universidad de Chile have been the most impressive squad and probably the favorites to win it.