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Like country, like Classic Patch
and like country, like GIGGIRIVA

So yeah, today I'm releasing something to you. I was never interested in my home league. So I decided to change it.
And what's the better way to do it to make a mod for a game that will make you intentionally search for it?

- All teams from Polish 1st division from 2021-2023 period
- Tournament mode with domestic cups and league from that time
- 27 Polish stadiums (@locosbuda and PLP 20)
- PKO BP Ekstraklasa and Polish Cup trophies
- 202 faces and 709 minifaces
- all licensed kits (including gk kits)
- new UI

Link to download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6hf63euk51f3lnd/Classic_Polish_League_Patch.zip/file

Mod is in Polish and English
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Starting XI

Some of you, probably will ask like what the hell, there's only current season there. What's classic in it?
Well, I made another approach than Giggi, ACICOG and Atomasoni.

As I believe that history will be the book of football history and, as such, won't end, I will move backwards. I mean, from this point, I'll start making previous seasons in inverted chronological order, so 2021-22, 2020-21 etc.

In contrast to my cancelled FIFA 07 Remastered project, I am going to publish a new version when another season will be finished. It also means that you shouldn't expect posts uploaded regularly on this topic, so I won't put on myself any pressure titled "I started, so I have to end". This also means that there won't be any sort-of seperated "patches" or updates. When I publish an update, it's AIO from the beginning.

For now, there will be only squads from autumn (since 1961, Polish Liga/Ekstraklasa plays in autumn-spring format). I don't know how spring squads will be introduced yet. I am open to proposals.

I am also not perfect. I am not capable of doing nor finding everything, so when you find things like adboards, balls, flags, banners, trophies, special kits, kits variations, alternate kits etc. inform me and send it to me if it's ready to apply. I encourage you to actively make it more real.

There are also two potential types of additional content that may be introduced in this mod.
1. Polish NT history, like every decade, there will be new league introduced - presenting Polish national team from every competition (qualifiers treated as seperate competitions)
2. additional teams from lower divisions based on appearences in Polish Cup
I say potential, because both have disadvantages, the first one seems to be kind of art for the sake of being art, like if there's anyone interested in playing matches between Poland from EURO 2016 qualifiers vs Poland from 1998 WC qualifiers. I need to know from you.
The latter is more technical, a potential lack of data and assets, as these teams could never be in FIFA and I'd have probably made everything myself.

Let me know what you think
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Starting XI
For every season, there will be some sort of introduction in form of summary of that specific season.
In cases of current seasons, they'll be edited in the future like this one.

So, 2022-2023 season. How to summarize, at least the autumn?

Lech Poznań defends the title, but their coach Maciej Skorża resigns due to private reasons. John van den Brom takes over and he's being criticized from the very beginning.
Lech Poznań qualifies to UEFA Conference League and advances from very tough group including Villarreal, Austria Wien and Hapoel Beer Sheva losing only once - 3-4 with the Yellow Submarine. After beating them 3-0. Anyway, Lech ends up 6th in the league.
Meanwhile in Warsaw after being a red lantern of the league in the middle of the previous season and Czesław Michniewicz leaving them for Polish NT, Legia ends up a season on 9th place and for the new season they work with Kosta Runjaić as a coach. Playing with basically no defenders, they're second for now.
Raków Częstochowa - the winner of the Polish Cup from previous season reamins strong and stable and they're on top at the halfway.
Wisła Płock became the revelation of the first rounds with Rafał Wolski entering to his 30s with top-assist record and Spanish winger Davo who shares the first place on top-scorer list with Stal Mielec's Said Hamulić - 9 goals.
But it's the promoted Widzew Łódź that is sensationally 3rd after coming back to Ekstraklasa for the first time in many, many years.

Link to play it yourself: http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/cplp-classic-polish-league-patch.6471299/
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