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Creating player


Club Supporter
Hey guys! I didnt edit Fifa since Fifa 16 and Creation master etc... As I can see modding is back... So I have question... When I create player (or edit existing one) what is the easyest way to change his look? For example I create-edit player,changed his id etc,and now i want to change his hair,beard,eyes... I know I can do that trough rdbm or fifa editor etc,but I need to preview changes I made... If I change hair id, how to see what hair I actualy use now? So I need some easyest way to see that...

And other thing... If I create player trough ingame option for that... Is there a way to later CHANGE HIS ID... For example : I create Milos Jojic ingame... But he dont have a commentary name,and I know that commentary exist in his player id... so I want to swap ids to get commentary... or to get his miniface...

Hope you understand my questions :D


Club Supporter
I found the way to change player ID,after I create him ingame via create player option... So if someone is interested I can explane...