Creation Master Standard - What is it?


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I put what where ?


All the Ligue 1 patch made by Vladislav cannot be loaded as patch, we have to put data one by one with CM 09.

For example, the player "Abriel" : my question is : where to put abriel.bmp?cm_abriel.tga?cmbhair_abriel.tga?m228__ abriel.o? etc ...

Thanks for helping me.


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Rinaldo;2588164 said:
As you see the CM09 is in its Beta test stage so I think ily imported on your FIFA and it will work fine with all the other CMS compliant patches[/COLOR][/B][/U].
when it leaves the Face Design Master for FIFA 10:bouncy:
FM is very difficult for the faces in FIFA 10 (complete game) it is:blush:


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I think this is an excellent idea, I fully support this cause, I'm willing to help in whatever way I can.


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bruno167;2702500 said:
It is possible for someone to reupload the pdf with the CMS ids?

i can upload it but, on few days because i ain`t on my own pc now.

btw i`ve got problem. When i create a team with cm09 and when i create a new profile and then choose 'my team', i want to choose an international team but games crashed.

(i put all the graphic files in cm, logo gui logos and kits with minikits and i delete my previously profile).

I don`t now what is happend because i can play these teams in kick off mode


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Rinaldo;2588192 said:
Kits means Teams and they are in the list.
Faces means players and I don't think we can standardize the id of each player.

Would you like to take in charge the standardization of stadiums ? If so, the first job to do is to browse the web and make a list of stadium models available and assign to each of them a unique id, keeping the existing ids for the original stadiums available in FIFA.

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