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Youth Team
Hi everyone,

some of you may know me from the other graphic’s section, keyword scoreboards and overlays.

But as hex editing can be quite boring and annoying sometimes here and there a break is needed. As well, drawing textures can be done anywhere thanks to programs like Photopea. So since December I am working on improving my kit making skills.

I created a template for myself from scratch after analyzing many kits of all the amazing ones shared by the masters of their craft in this forum.

Two things were “stolen”: the rubber band for shorts is from a template shared by @robmar85, and the way of signing my work is inspired by @Ajax1995. Please let me know if you disapprove.

Everything else I tried to redraw as accurate as possible from the solutions I found most beautiful, but did never copy-paste.

Minikits are not 100% accurate for short sleeves as I am using a tool for FIFA 21 ( as I have no Photoshop CC.

Am happy about any feedback, tips for improvement.

PS: A small demand on my side: please do not post any requests here, there is an own thread for that. The simple reason is that my focus will remain on scoreboards as we are very few on that topic.


Youth Team
Afrika Unity Kit 2010


Shirt (collar 7)


Download for all African WC 2010 teams (Algeria, Cameroun, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana) and emtpy with separate crests: