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Dida [P+R]


Fan Favourite
ShearerM4;2412605 said:
Yes, of course the Celtic fan shouldnt be going on the pitch like that...

... But Dida seriously needs to get over himself, he got stretchered off for heaven's sake! Stretchered off! Strecher people should have told him where to go :D

What a moron. Just embarrassing. Quite an achievement though, he's managed to be even more of a petty w*nker than a guy running onto pitch to brag at an opposition player.

U got reason, in italian we can call Dida "PAGLIACCIO" or if u prefere "BUFFONE".....Never seen in 38 years of football something like that, never, and I've seen everything til tonight. So, Celtic2-Milan1 is the final score.

Like some other guys said italian football sucks, so I'm italian and sometimes it's a shame to be italian, this is only one of the billions examples to explain that....


Starting XI
holy ****... the funniest thing i have ever seen on a pitch. almost. doesn't beat the naked chick though but close.


fan = hillarious

dida = lol x 1000


Fan Favourite
Errr, this has absolutely nothing to do with football. It wasn't done to gain any type of advantage in the actual gameplay. What i'm still trying to figure out is what the hell was Dida trying to get when he decided to fall clutching his neck. It wasn't part of the game, just Dida showing his stupidness.

The fan is most likely gonna be banned from the stadium.


Senior Squad
I think he couldn't stand with the shame of letting in a goal like that... Surely he could have grabed that ball, or at least, set it over for a corner! Buffon would have!


Team Captain
He obviously thought, "Wait, if I fall on the floor like the fan hurt me, there is a good chance that UEFA will award us the win instead of Celtic."

I would hope UEFA do not do that, but Celtic will be in for some punishment. Probably a game behind locked doors and a fine I should think.

This moron of a fan will be banned from the ground for life I should think, because Celtic have been working hard to get the fans to adhere to the stadium rules. They have been published on the Celtic website for all to see, so the dick has no excuse.

Definately a move from the Rivaldo book of dirty tricks though. Pathetic.


Team Captain
first he cocks up on the goal at a crucial time, then he does that. when will we ever get rid of this clown? absolutely pathetic, like Milan's form


Senior Squad
yeah pretty awful acting but you can understand why he did it, Celtic will still be in for a big fine and should lose points because of the awful security there wasn't even a stewart in the picture, what would have happened if the guy had landed a solid blow or had was carrying a knife.


Senior Squad
he shud be fined.
no matter what.
yea that stupid fan is another case but he shud be banned for 3 european matches & aswell as $$$$$ fine.

that's unsporting behaviour.
he shud die & not play with the brazilian NT anymore. he brings a big shame to the brazilian, just like rivaldo.stupid fa*.

he shud be killed :mrpimp:
btw;if i'm not mistaken, fifa also fined rivaldo before

Seán D

fm prodigy
Dida was a disgrace! Surely he should have known it was on camera. But to be STRETCHERED OFF after getting tapped on the neck/chest with an ice pack on his face. Ronaldo walked off after getting a slight knock to the head that split him open. Uefa should ban Dida for good and set an example. A Milan player was down every 30sec in that match, they were a joke.


Team Captain
Gandini: Dida okay for Sunday

Milan sporting director Umberto Gandini has told Sky Sports News that he expects Dida to be fit for the game against Lazio.

Much of the aftermath of Celtic's emphatic victory over the Italians has surrounded the incident following Scott McDonald's 90th minute winner.

A fan entered the field and approached the Brazilian keeper before tapping him on the face and running off.

Dida momentarily chased the man, only to collapse holding the side of his face, before being stretchered off the pitch.


Talking to Sky Sports News, Gandini confirmed that Dida had suffered no long-term effects from the ordeal: "I think Dida is fit to play for Sunday.

"It is difficult to understand what happened. But it did not have any influence on the result.

"The incident is unfortunate. We have nothing to say against anyone at Celtic. It was just an insane moment by one single person.

"He was slammed in the neck. I think we should cut this thing (discussion of the incident) out as soon as possible."


In Italy many of the grounds have segregation fences between the fans and the pitch, but Gandini believes that not having them at all is better for the game

"I think it (the non-fencing in English and Scottish grounds) is the right way. I think it is fantastic. I don't think there should be any," he added.

(H)! this cannot be serious

Seán D

fm prodigy
In fairness to Milan, they do not appear to be trying to take the result away from Celtic. They've obviously seen the incident and Dida is obviously a joke to the team now. How embarased must he be.

Kibe Kru

Starting XI
So, can anyone make me a sig? it could have Rivaldo holding his face against Turkey in 2002 and Dida vs. Celtic being stretchered off. Also, it would be a nice touch to have "Proud of Brazilian football" in there too.