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DOWNLOAD DKG - Dynamic kit generator v0.5


Youth Team
The fifth version of DKG is available people!

This is the first version to be 100% compatible with all Frostbite era games (FIFA 17 onwards), meaning it will export textures, hotspots, minikits and DB tables according to the game selected in the completely new UI I made. Check it out the content of each version in the image below:

Beta V0.5 content banner.png


EAFC changed the kit models a little, so some distortion is possible with some patterns, especially in the shoulders and collar area. I couldn't make a lot of testing on that regard cause I don't have the game, but these distortions should be negligible most of the time, I'm still evaluating what to do about this for the future versions, but I'll probably leave it like that considering updating the patterns' library would mean months of work on my end!

If you have any doubts, the best place to reach me is through my Discord server (the link can be found in the tool's footer).

Infinite kits, infinite fun!
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Youth Team
how to add kits for the teams I created
You can't, the teams are added by me and each kit profile is researched and created individually by me!

In the future I might add a tier for people to ask for specific clubs, but it's being hard to find a model which works well for me and for the user...