Does anyone still has free DLC for 2010 World Cup game?


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Back in June 2010 - there was a free update for 2010 FIFA World Cup game that, as I know, was being downloaded automatically.
It included some updated lineups, licensed kits for Chile, North Korea, Honduras (qualified teams) and some more teams, and additional balls.

Now in 2021 - it's not available to download via PSN nor Xbox Live. No one already backuped it and share with people, so only people who has it downloaded 11 years ago and didn't delete this game from the hard drive still have this update.

So my appeal, if you still have this, tell us if you are so lucky and if you have the knowledge or the will - dump this update and share it publicly please.


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Hi There Skoczek. I may be late to this post, but I think I have what you're looking for, that is if you are still looking for this?. I've been trying to look for information on how to mod FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa PS3 for use in RPCS3 but so far not much luck and without any insight to modding the game I'm stuck at the moment. Though I found your post and thought you might find some answers. Would you be interested?

I had the game on my console and transferred the data to my computer a while back before PS started making it difficult for anyone to copy save data to USB's.


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I've uploaded the file here anyways:

This is for PS3 just in case people need to find it. I checked Chile and seems the kits aren't updated, nor is North Korea as they don't have the branding on them, but if I recall I did get updated squads when I played the game at the time the servers were still up. I remember seeing someone say online a while back that Ozil was not in the game and added him in the in-game update for it (not the usual PS3 update - the same way EA prompts you to update squads for online ultimate team) and couldn't find a squad file online with him and some additional squad players in other teams.

I hope this helps what you and others are looking for to some extent. Have a look for yourself to see. I love this game with a passion. My favourite game out of all, and my Country didn't even qualify! I hope one day to mod this game with updated squads and kits to play in the RPCS3 emulator.

Best of Luck!