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[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

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Senior Squad
I did a search and found that photo! I hadn't seen it in about 25 years

I never knowing full Marek Penksa history.
I remember him only from Wisła Kraków player.
Thanks Giggi. Thanks for this face and for remimbed me this player story. I never knowing about his is international level. Thanks (Y)
I'm 30 years but probably too young. Thanks Giggi! You are Legend.


Club Supporter
Marek Penksa played for Dynamo Dresden in 1993/94. He became a fan favorite and is propably most remembered for is idea to sit on the ball during the match against Schalke 04:

Players back then had more fantasy and i would also say more craziness in a good sense of way,like this clip shows.
Memories of a Football that sadly is not here anymore but lucky us we can relive those matches in the Classic Patch,the best artwork ever created in a Football videogame.
Giggi in the homepage there's an error,you also created the Premier League 92-93 but it's not written.


Club Supporter
Players back then had more fantasy and i would also say more craziness in a good sense of way
Football is taken much more seriously nowadays, and nothing shows that better than matches for charity, testimonials, etc. There used to be a lot of them when I was growing up, and they were fun to watch! But on the rare occasion they happen now, the teams treat them like World Cup finals! Last season Barcelona hosted Man City in a charity match, and players were tactically fouling each other! There shouldn't have been any tactics, let alone tactical fouls!

And about that piece of skill/shithousery, if it could be done on FIFA I would abuse the heck out of it:D maybe that's why they don't allow it!:D