[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

kemal kejok

Club Supporter

can you create this short for your classic patch ? its very great


esteghlal f.c

Senior Squad
Since you are going to use my WC98 kits for your patch can I ask a huge favour could you please make these 4 faces for Iran 98 teams plz thanks a million


Khodad Azizi

Ali Daei

Karim Bagheri

Ahmad Abedzadeh (GK) (C)

Ali Reza Mansourian


Mohammad Peyrovani

Thanks I have some WC 2006 and other classics kits too I was meant to create a patch just like yours back in 2011 I will share it with you


Starting XI
esteghlal f.c;3611774 said:
thanks a lot i can start making kits again :D love to try 90s, 94 and 2002 :D

i've all 94 kits (not GK) make by skey295
and WC 90, always skey295, say me some weeks ago he have completed 4 group for this WC, but i don't know if now he have finish :)