[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14


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I think I have finished my version of Faustino Asprilla's starhead. This is how it looks like in FIFA 16




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Markus Babbel (Telega12 + giggiriva)

I never understood why ingame some face is not like the blender preview but tends to be worse ...

I have idea why is that, i see your rx3 texture and when its 1024x1024 you just leave the other image in the the texture /black and white one/ from the previous face .


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Guys there is something that really annoying me till i play the patch, the adboards.....this electronic adboards are unacceptable before 2000' era, so i try many times to remove the electeonic arbords or to change it to static but no success...please any statium maker can help with small tutorial or advice !!!!


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I tried ... Nothing changes ... There are models that lose expressiveness. They become "flat", "empty". They become wider or longer. I have thought in the past that it was because I play windowed but after several tests nothing had changed. At this point I think it is a game of the dynamics of light. In some faces the light and shadows lower the level. In others they exalt it ...