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Download Peruvian League for FIFA 20


Reserve Team
At the end of 2014, I released my last Peruvian patch for the FIFA saga, which was for FIFA 15, I did it without notifying many people, and it did not cause a great sensation as it always did. Over time I realized how decisive 32bits was for many Peruvians, and 64 for very few others. In spite of that, I did not want to continue editing, however in the middle of 2015, I left it completely , to dedicate myself to a business. It's been 6 years and I'm back with a mod for a beautiful FIFA Frosbite. I know it took a long time; All of 2020 I was saturated with studies, which finally ended. They don't know how much I wanted to get out, but anyway, here is the beta mod, since I started editing FIFA, when FIFA 21 was already out, and I did this mod based on that version of that game. Those who have stopped editing FIFA, it is because they can no longer edit FIFA. Rags for 9 teams Billboards for the championship 2020 season uniforms Minikits for 14 Peruvian teams 20 teams in First Division The 6 Peruvian clubs that the game already brought, I moved them to the Peruvian League Tournament Mode Works Race Mode Works
DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD Installation Steps: 1. Copy the 'FIFA 20' folder that is inside Documents, in our Documents, above our 'FIFA 20' folder. Or if you want more quickly, copy the Squads of Settings, in our Settings of FIFA 20 of Documents. 2. Open Frosty Mod Manager and import 'Peruvian Soccer for FIFA 20'. 3. We will only click on 'Apply Mods'. 5. Launch 6. When you open the game, we will go to - customize - Profile - Load Templates - and load 'excplus' and that's it.