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Duong's Faces Thread 09


Starting XI
Surprise! :innocent_smile_1:

Well guys, actually I haven't even get my hands on the game and more importantly I can't be considered free yet, so this can be seen as a spontaneous return (not officially though :) I'll really be active once again after the 18th November)

The reason for this thread is that I'm more or less curious about the new .o models and can't wait to give 09 facemaking a little try. After around 5 minutes playing with the Ashley Cole model Ahmed sent me, I realized "Heck, this stuff is real challenging :clapwap:". As a result, this Ashley Cole update is just a minor FIFA 09 starter for me, with a new texture and some update with the nose form:

Nevertheless, I think I've gotten a hang of it and therefore promise will bring you guys more sophisticated and heavily modded faces in the future.

See you guys around.


Reserve Team
Hey Doung

The Master I back
Good try, but eyes look strange....
Update nose and lips man;) show ingame screens pls=)
How long was I waiting for this Thread! Thank you Doung!!!!!!!!!!
And I have first Request: Can you pls do Marcelo,Raul and Gago (Real Madrid) in your little timp pls
PLS Master:innocent_smile_1:


Starting XI
Thanks guys :D

Next up we have Gary Neville. Thanks to Ahmed again for the files he sent me. This is supposed to be an early preview. Face texture is completely new, obviously, but I haven't work much on the model yet other than some slight modifications with the lips. In next update, the nose and lips will be edited further and you might see some more difference then.

The texture looks pretty darn dull right :S Of course everyone wants to make a realistic and vibrant texture. However doing so a face will look damn good in O-edit but totally unrealistic in the game due to the extreme lighting :S

Anyways, comments are welcome.


Master Pi a Gi

Starting XI
Mate welcome back.

Can you make now the Quim and Joao Moutinho that me and my brother requested in 08.Here are the pics(textures too)


Btw awesome faces great start in 09 for you.


Starting XI
Yeah, cuz I didn't use a big picture :D

But a bit blurry should be okay, the game will smoothen and add noise to the texture, which is even better than making a texture that is too sharp. :)


Starting XI
Thanks guys :)

Right, so I've had an attempt at total modding for a FIFA 09 face, particularly Edwin van der Sar. Took me around 40 mins to turn the original piece of feces into something that should be more similar to van der Sar.
-Nose edited (originally perfectly symmetrical, which is WRONG! Van der Sar doesn't have a symmetrical nose people :D, the right side is bigger n his nose holes are located differently :D)
-Mouth edited (...well look at his pictures, I can't explain it but EA definitely made his mouth look too generic)
-Eyes updated
-Textures updated

The next one could be David Villa...but then again Ahmed told me his original face is perfect in the game :S

Anyway, comments are still welcome ;)