Starting XI
hey guys,

I've only just started my manager mode and getting used to the mechanics of the game properly. This game is so addictive and by far the best footy simulation I have played.

I'm using Stoke City and they are fab! wooo. Not lost a game yet on semi-pro, but it's one of those things where I am winning, but still having to try! So even though I have no loss, it's well worked for. Manager mode really puts you into the thick of it with team fatigue!! Loving that aspect.

http://www.easportsworld.com/index_enGB.html#video-175838/EA SPORTS World/53181

So yes, two long-range goals. Couldn't score goals like this before at all. I was blind to the mechanic for shooting. But now I can pop in a decent finesse shot almost like i was exploiting it in FIFA 07! But of course I am having to think of a lot more factors.

Anyway guys, my aim is to score the BEST goal against the cpu. Well my best. But i am an all-manual player, however I have put the control type back to default so I had a realistic chance on manager mode. I'm not that amazing at this game yet.

so yeah hope u like the replays. http://www.easportsworld.com/index_enGB.html#video-175838/EA SPORTS World/53181 << if u didn't click on the link above.


Rico el chico

Club Supporter
best one was against watford, how do u upload replays? i really want to upload my goals but i dont know how. Nice goals though :D