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I bet some of you have played a couple of seasons in Manager Mode by now. So I have one question for you. Is the ECC (Champions League) as messed up as previous years? I remember you could play as Arsenal and have two other english teams in your group (would never happen IRL). Have they sorted that out by now?


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Seems like they have. ECC seems really decent, has all the major teams and the groups are random. And no, teams from one league don't seem to appear in the same group. Also the bigger and stronger clubs usually make it to the further rounds, so no more finals or semis against the likes of Aston Villa or Club Brugge.


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good to hear that
can somebody tell me from which place i can qualify to the champions league from the premiership in eanglend ?
if i remember well its between the 1-4th places am i right ?


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Champions League: 1st, 2nd
Champions League qualifiers: 3rd, 4th
UEFA Cup: 5th, FA Cup Winners, Carling Cup Winners