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Editing Player Stats


Youth Team
it is actually possible by using Cheat Engine.

1.) unlock this in the EASFC catalogue:

2.) look up the stat you want to change, in this case it is Suso's Dribbling

3.) look up the same stat at another player, in this case Gerrard's Dribbling:

4.) now go to Settings/Edit Players and select the player whose stat you dont want to change, in this case Gerrard

5.) now open Cheat Engine and click on this icon:

6.) select the FIFA process and click OK

7.) enter Gerrard's Dribbling value now and click "First Scan"

8.) now go back to the menu and select the player whose stat you want to change, Suso in this case:

9.) now enter Suso's Dribbling value and press "Next Scan"

10.) select the remaining values, paste them to the list below, press Enter and change the values to a value of your choice

11.) press "Apply & Exit"

12.) now the player has the value of your choice

hope i helped you ;)


Youth Team
Unfortunately, that doesn't work with VP's. I tried it, but the stats just returned to normal as soon as I entered a match. However, I've yet to try something that might work. If it does, than I'll post how to do it here!


Youth Team
Nope, I mean regular virtual pro. As soon as I entered the match, the stats just returned to normal.
EDIT: I tried it in regular CM and it worked perfectly! However, this time I ran Cheat Engine as the administrator, maybe if I do that and edit my VP it'll work. Tomorrow I'll test it out!


Youth Team
really? i did it several times and it worked fine :confused:
maybe they already patched it, because the last time i tried it was in December


Youth Team
Well what do you know? I fixed it! Turns out after doing the first steps, you have to go to "edit your pro" in the my career tab, exit, and press advance. Then you should check out the accomplishments (under the same tab) and see if it worked. If it shows up there, it's for real!


Club Supporter
Is there a way to use this method to change weakfoot ability and play skill moves?

Would really appreciate someone finding out how. I managed to isolate the address but when I changed the value in CE it didn't change in game.