England teams kits


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Can someone make this kits:

Leicester City I need home and away



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Timo The Owl;3032585 said:

any chance of this one please

here is the logo on the back of the shirt

Mate thank you for your great scoreboards! I made this kit for you (Y)

Sheffield Wednesday FC: Away 2011

This is my first ever kit in my life,hope you like it:blush:


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CoBoX [PFC];3032801 said:
Good kit orthodox, but the collar isn't correct.

If anyone can do it better it would be awesome,It's my first kit ever and it's the best I can do for now(Y)


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CoBoX [PFC];3032808 said:
The kit is well to be the first (Y)
Continue making kits!

I will mate,thanks!

I'm getting the new template and I will make more kits,but I don't know how to use photoshop,I'm making kits in Paint lol :D