EREDIVISIE Faces by Mason


Youth Team
After small updates here's the link:D

Goalkeeper Facepack v.1 Released!!

Download Link:


Youth Team
SammyMason;3292545 said:
(Y) you said it. Too bad EA doesn't think the same.
Anyways I'm going to start on Kalas after this GK pack is done, still need to update some models here and there.

Also, I found a good Buttner 'made by Bart' you can use for your ManU squad:innocent_smile_1:

sure, if you are patient I'll make his face after I'm done with my prior requests

Preview on the pack

great facepack mate!!!!(Y)goin straight in my game and btw thanks for finding buttner's face(Y)you rock mate! :D


Youth Team
Thanks for all the positive comments, I hope you all enjoy the faces
@ Mulrooney, you're welcome mate, no problem(Y)
@ NightFire, sure i can make Bulykin after I've completed my prior face requests

I haven't had much time to make faces lately. This is what I have been working on today.

Tomas kalas - Vitesse

Don't worry about texture, It's still a work in progress

Dusan Tadic V2.0 - FC Twente

There's something off about his headshape, but I can't figure out what it is.
suggestions are welcome(Y)'

Update Tadic*
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