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Hi everyone, after several years I am getting back to doing some editing that for several reasons I had set aside.
I'm looking for a tutorial for importing into frosty mesh editor.
I edited some faces and would like to try it ingame, but I can't find the IMPORT function of the 3d model (skeleton).
Can someone address me? I suppose it's possible to have seen several editors edit and add faces.
Thanks so much.


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i have a situation and need a modding opinion on it.

I'm trying to do a Sunderland Road to Glory and I'm using Fifer realism mod, I have been using it for some time now and really enjoying it but the last mode ( 3.0 ) introduced 600 new player faces and unfortunately fifer took the face IDs for all the players that had a real face in Sunderland and gave them to other young high potential players and now if I want to use the realism mod all the players in Sunderland would have a generic face.

i had an idea that I would create a face mod for this Sunderland players and give it priority over the realism mod but unfortunately, I learned that I cant import Face Mesh and make face mods using the free version of frosty editor.

the only option that I see is to not use the 600 face mod that comes with the realism mod.

is there any other option ?


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Are you able to change the colour and or logo on the corner flags?
Doing a create a club career.


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Hi mates, just a small question. Is it possible to increase the amount of local players (couch mode) on one PC from 4 to 6 players? Maybe there is an option which I can change using FrostyEditor? As I see the game can detect more than 4 gamepads but when I try to choose sides in kick off mode only 4 players can join. The game shows player 5 and player 6, so I believe we can find an option to change the players number
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hi. is there a way to find id's for fifa special kits which are in ultimate team?
example: team of the year kits.
and is possible to assign to an existing team?


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Q. Has anyone been answered in this thread?
A. No, not unless you count @Papinho81 answering himself.

@ac12 Frosty Editor Alpha version has an import function for 3D meshes. If you can't get that anymore, you might try using TigerVenom22's Frosty Mesh Importer, which is a free plugin made to be used with the free Frosty Mod Editor v1.0.5.9. I have not tried it myself but it's new and well documented. You can find it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsbattlefront22017/mods/4071


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Hi people, I have a question, I hope you can support me.

I have just created the Albania team with uniforms, flags and banners. I replaced a team in the Irish League and moved it to the International section. I had no problem with that. Only when the team name appears on the scoreboard, the colors next to it are still the team uniform I used to create the new one.

Does anyone know how to put the correct color of the created team uniform on the scoreboard?
Example. That on the scoreboard the green color that was the previous team now looks red and black like the Albania uniform. I hope you can help me.


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I am updating some faces using Frosty and RDBM and all has gone smoothly so far.
I am now trying to attach a real face against a created player, is this possible?
For example I created Victor Valdes using the in game create player option a while back, I have now downloaded his real face and would like to attach it.
Is it even possible?
I have done all the usual stuff, found the ID for the created player, changed the face ID and changed the 1's and 0's either side etc.
Am I missing anything or is it not even possible?