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Face(s) Request Thread


Senior Squad
I'll pay someone £10 if they can create a new torres hair model to match this...

I don't want it to be too vibrant, white or ginger in game.
We can talk on Skype, Origin, Steam, just reply :)

Edit: Request has been answered by the good Foxy


Club Supporter

Can someone make diego costa & cavani face something like this ? i know PES and fifa have their own trademark but i want two of this player have a super 'REAL" face. I would prefer PES version if you ask which version is better.


Starting XI
Anyone interested in converting this excellent Kyle Ebecilio by Michelgrau. There´s no face for this great player, hoping someone show some interest.



Reserve Team
Does anyone know of a link to, or has anyone created, a decent version of Lacina Traore. The only one I have been able to find was by Stuphan and the texture is horrendous. Cheers :)


Club Supporter
I want my Eden Hazard to have longer hair. He looks like a proper skin head in fifa 15...
Any suggestions on other existing player's hair I can use instead?


Club Supporter
Not as much of a request as to a "how do I", I've downloaded Reece Oxford face by HoppyJoe but I can not figure out how to get it to appear in game, I up to date with moddingway mod updates so oxford is on the West Ham roster. Any help would be great, Cheers.


Club Supporter

I have a feeling his files should already be somewhere for a fifa 15 roster update? But I can't find them anywhere and he doesn't exist in CM15.

So if someone knows where to find the files, or could make him a face them self, your help would be much appreciated!!