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Face(s) Request Thread


Reserve Team
Any chance one of you legends (you know who you are :P) could have a crack at:
Victor Andrade
Gabigol (I know Wich made him, but I wasn't all that happy with it)



Club Supporter



Club Supporter
I need face of the young Cristiano Ronaldo, when he played for Manchester Utd. Help search it for FIFA 15 or 16. Or at least hair texture. Thanks. Sorry for my english.


Youth Team
some req for Ajax Amsterdam

Dijks, Veltman, Klaassen, El Ghazi, Younes, Gudelj, Schöne, Van den Hoorn, Viergever,
Schöne,Van De Beek,Černý,Murić


Youth Team
Some requests for glitched players in career mode.

1. Samuel Radlinger
2. Marko Bakic
3. Sebastiano Luperto
4. Julien Begue
5. Sebastian Cristoforo
6. Gaston Brugman
7. Gael Andonian
8. Stephane Sparagna
9. Stefan Wannenwetsch
10. Jonas Hector
11. Lukas Klunter
12. Christopher Lenz

Id possibly pay for these to be done.


Club Supporter
Sebastian Vegas from Audax, Manu Garcia from Manchester City, Enes Ünal from NAC Breda, Cerny from Ajax and Vallejo from Zaragoza would be awesome since they have high potential in career mode